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Episode 651

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 651


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Episode 651 – Facebook Ads vs Google Ads for Your Cleaning Company

Hey Cleaning Nation! Lindsay here with Jered and Jackson, our ad geniuses. Jered runs all of our Facebook and Instagram ads. When Jered first came to Grow My Cleaning Company he was working at an ad agency with Jackson! Jackson runs all of the Google ads for our clients.

Are Facebook or Google Ads Better?

First we are going to talk about Facebook. Facebook knows who you are and what your interests are. They know what you purchase, what you are looking at, what groups you are a part of, etc. All of this data gets sent back to Facebook and from there, Facebook can present ads to you based on your interest. The way the ads are presented feels very organic and allows the consumer to feel like they found you which makes them feel like they have the power. This feeling of power can cause them to dive deeper into your business. Secondly we are going to talk about Google Ads. Google is the most used search tool in the world. Google is an extremely powerful tool because the first place someone is going to go when they are looking to solve a problem is Google. If you can so up on the five results or even on the first page, the likelihood of someone checking out who you are is very high. You can also put the Facebook tracker in Google but you can not put the Google tracker into Facebook.

Residential vs Commercial with Facebook Ads

When it comes to running Facebook ads for commercial cleaners, it is more difficult. You can get leads for commercial cleaners on Facebook but it usually comes with a high ROI and is not very consistent. This is an instance where Google would be a better option. When it comes to residential cleaners, there is no issue getting leads. With residential cleaning you will most likely be targeting people with homes and there is no shortage of that on Facebook. However, if you are a commercial cleaning business targeting doctors offices you can just target all doctor offices.

Residential VS. Commercial with Google Ads ?

When it comes to the commercial side of ads, Google is a better option. Google will show your business to anyone searching for commercial cleaning services in your niche. If you have an optimized ad with a phone number, that lead will most likely contact you right away. With residential it can be a tiny bit trickier but it can be done. I would suggest running Google and Facebook ads. You don’t have to choose just one.

What if You Do Commercial and Residential?

If you cater to commercial and residential your business can not scale. You need to decide which niche you want to be in because the infrastructure for both are so different. Choose whichever niche you are more successful in and focus on that.

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