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Episode 241

Expanding Your Cleaning Company's Services: Episode 241: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 241 – How to Expand Your Cleaning Company Service Offerings Successfully

Adding Services To Your Evolving Business

Today, Mike coaches a special return guest Christopher Schwab from Think Maids on how to effectively offer to add on services to recurring customers.

When Mike and Christopher last spoke, he was only two months into the maid business, still in University and was juggling a lot of things at once. After some time Christopher knew that he had to choose whether to continue his maid service as a side job or take the business to the next level to grow and reach his ultimate goal of having a company which can sustain without him and allows him to travel the world. During Mike and Christopher’s last coaching session, they discussed things like where Christopher was at revenue wise, teams wise, what he was doing for marketing, and how he was building up his local reputation. At that point and time Think Maids was bringing in approximately sixteen to eighteen thousand a month with just three teams! Now, Christopher is doing about thirty thousand plus a month in revenue with the goal to bring in fifty thousand a month revenue by the end of the year, and he has now doubled the amount of teams that he had versus last year. In addition to the great success, Christopher now has two part time VA’s (Virtual Assistants) who are US based, helping with the backend of the business one of which handles bookings phone calls and the cleaning teams, the other handles emails basic marketing and other administrative tasks as they arrive. Living now in Tokyo Christopher can work about three hours a day on his business due to the tremendous help of the great systems he has put in place for the company. One of the systems that are utilized each day by the VA’s comes from a former guests software recommendation which is used for documenting training, onboarding, bad situations and how they are handled, customer complaints, contracts, regular clients who have special notes, etc. Anything that is out of the ordinary that Christopher would have to teach someone he has the virtual assistants documenting with the understanding that those employees will eventually transition out.

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How to streamline for a carpet cleaner and window cleaners as an added service to your house cleaning business

When looking to outsource jobs to other private companies always make sure that your core values match first and then you can always train for the skill second. Even though someone may be a great technician, it is vital that they are an asset as a team member for your business. As an entrepreneur keep your goals in mind and weigh the pros and cons of what having additional services will do for your business. Adding services may not be the right way to make your business grow if you are looking to expand at an accelerated pace. If you are going to add one time services it can be most beneficial to your business to only offer those services for current recurring client’s, provide carpet cleaning and any other services as an add on to the recurring maid service they already have.


When you are looking to onboard an outside source for your add-ons find someone who is willing to sell you their services at a wholesale price. Ask the contractor what it takes for them to obtain a client because there is a price value that can be put on that and at that time you can then request that you are receiving that value for bringing customers to their services. You do not want to buy retail and sell retail you want to buy wholesale and sell retail! As the owner you are doing the hard part of obtaining customers and in return for bringing them work you are only asking to buy their services at a wholesale price and receive the value that you have brought by bringing customers.

Tip: When you are searching for an outside contractor, look for someone who has multiple employees to ensure the job will be completed and to alleviate any troubles that can occur.

Another idea would be to form a strategic alliance where you do not make direct profit from work completed. You can do this by offering to refer all of your customers to that particular company for carpet cleaning services in return that they offer a discounted price or for a special rate for its clients in exchange they reciprocate your offer by doing the same and sending any of their customers to your business for maid services and offer their customers a discounted price or special rate as well. Leverage the client list that the cleaning company already has and use it to your advantage.

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

You should learn from anyone who’s really good at anything and they’re willing to teach you, it doesn’t matter if it’s making knives, business, or taking out the trash if there is someone who is really good at something you should be humble enough to learn from anything

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Angies list, this service is very area dependent. Did not receive any business from the site and spent tons of time and money to try and obtain client’s.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?
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