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Episode 1046

Everything You Need to Know about Google Reviews for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1046


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Episode 1046 – Everything You Need to Know about Google Reviews for Your Cleaning Company

Making It Happen Right Away

Mike Campion emphasizes the importance of seizing the moment when clients express satisfaction. Whether they commit to leaving a review or have the intention to do so later, striking when the iron is hot significantly boosts the chances of follow-through. Mike highlights the two types of individuals in this scenario: those with the immediate intent and those with good intentions but prone to forgetfulness due to a busy life. Taking action right then and there, despite potential awkwardness, outweighs the convenience of delayed responses.

Consistency and the Psychology Behind It

Building on Jered’s insights, Mike delves into the psychology of consistency. People naturally want to align their actions with their words, avoiding the label of hypocrites. When requesting reviews, framing the ask within a conversation about the customer’s experience maintains this integrity. Mike points out that understanding the psychology behind such strategies isn’t necessary; what matters is that it works.

Transitioning to the Tortoise Approach

As the conversation shifts to the tortoise side of the strategy, Mike and Jered highlight the importance of making the review process easy. Utilizing Google’s share link associated with the business profile streamlines the process, making it convenient for clients to leave reviews. Embracing automation and simplicity ensures a steady flow of consistent reviews over time.

Employee Incentives and Tracking Links

Addressing the role of employees in the review process, Mike suggests incentivizing them for garnering positive reviews. He also contemplates the idea of individual tracking links for employees, though the technical details are yet to be explored. The goal is to encourage a team effort in accumulating reviews and recognizing the contributions of individual employees.

Responding to Reviews: A Personal Touch

Mike stresses the significance of responding to every review, positive or negative, with a personal touch. Positive reviews should be acknowledged with personalized gratitude, moving beyond generic responses. For negative reviews, Mike and Jered emphasize the importance of maintaining composure and offering a solution. Responding professionally, even in the face of false claims, paints the business in a positive light for potential clients observing the situation.

In conclusion, Mike Campion and Jered Robinson share valuable insights on the art of securing and managing reviews for cleaning companies. From seizing the moment to understanding the psychology behind requests and crafting personalized responses, their strategies provide a comprehensive guide for owners looking to harness the power of reviews for business growth.

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