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Episode 552

Everything Nathalie Learned About Running a Cleaning Company From Mike: Episode 552: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 552
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Episode 552 – Everything Nathalie Learned About Running a Cleaning Company From Mike 

Hey Cleaning Nation! Nathalie here, Mike’s “beautiful bride” 😉 For this episode, we are at the live event for our Next Level and Millionaire Mastermind members in Denver, Colorado. Mike is coaching everyone live so I’m taking over today. I’m going to give you a little behind the scenes and background into what I’ve learned about not only running cleaning companies from Mike, but also what I’ve observed about you Cleaning Nation! Let’s get into some fun stuff about Mike first and then we’ll take it from there 🙂

Who is Mike?

For starters, Mike gets up every day at 5am (because he’s an old man and does his quiet time before starting work). He’s not a fan of coffee but he will drink an energy drink usually and fun fact: he doesn’t eat breakfast. And another fun fact regarding consumables: Mike has never drank/been drunk despite his jovial disposition. 

Also, contrary to popular belief, Mike doesn’t actually enjoy making cleaning company owners cry…but will if it will help them achieve their goals. He gets so fired up to help our community, and it gives him passion and energy….but then he turns into a pumpkin about 8:30pm, Mike truly and deeply cares about the success of every one of our clients and considers them friends or family!

One last random factoid about Mike: He doesn’t like the texture of those 3D plastic materials- you know the weird bumpy texture of some promo cups, etc? 

Who are You?

Cleaning company owners are some of the most dedicated business owners out there! They are especially dedicated to their clients’ happiness. Cleaning Nation business owners are some of the most caring, selfless and hard working people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. They are also some of the most technologically challenged entrepreneurs I’ve ever worked with 😉 They sacrifice their time, energy and sanity to make their clients happy, however they also undervalue their services and how vital they are to the people they serve!

What Makes Cleaning Nation Crazy?

Here are some of the biggest mistakes I’ve noticed cleaning business owners make:

    • Letting fears keep you from doing what’s best for your company (firing clients, employees, raising prices, etc).
    • Not charging enough.
    • Not delegating $12/hr tasks to others and working 100 hours a week instead.
    • Only hiring after 1-3 employees quit.
    • Focusing on things like buying cars and wrapping them instead of the things that actually affect their bottom line!

I’ve also noticed that your biggest woes are:

    • Finding and hiring the right people.
    • Dealing with pain in the butt customers you’re afraid to fire.
    • Working constantly and not able to take a break or vacation!

How to Get What You Want!

  • Do the scary things like firing bad customers, doing things differently and focusing on profit not gross sales/ looking “big and successful”
  • Do whatever it takes!
  • Create systems to automate your business so you can focus on the big picture stuff.
  • Value yourself and what you bring to the world!

Thank so much Cleaning Nation! It’s so a pleasure to be able to serve you and watch you GROW!!

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