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Episode 714

Why The Way You Manage Matters


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Episode 714 – Why the Way You Manage Matters

Today on the podcast we have Jered and Jackson who work internally at Grow My Cleaning Company. Both Jered and Jackson are over advertising and tech but made a choice today that they wanted to focus this episode on what it’s like working for Mike, and how his leadership motivates them to be the best versions of themselves.

Why Employees Need to be Heard

Jered and Jackson both worked for the same company (not at the same time) before working with Mike. Both held titles where they were “allowed” to have opinions for the company. However, during their experience, they both came to learn that though they were being told they could have a voice, that overall, their CEO didn’t really mean it. Both Jered and Jackson felt they were on a sinking ship and the captain was not interested in fixing it. This leads them both to ultimately leave the company. Mike, on the other hand, understands the importance of his employees and that they can see things he cannot. Jered talks about how Mike will clear his schedule to meet with his employees and will give 100% of his focus to hear what they have to say.

Create a Safety Net for Your Employees

Jackson’s initial position at Grow My Cleaning Company ended up being phased out. Jackson felt that his time at GMCC was going to be over once that position closed, but instead of being let go, Mike and Jackson had a one on one talk where Mike positioned Jackson to use his talents in other places in the company. Because of this, Jackson felt grateful for Mike and a renewed sense of loyalty to Grow My Cleaning Company.

Let the Employee Be the CEO of Their Position

Jered shares his experience on how Mike positions his job so that he is the manager of himself. Mike sets up realistic goals with him and allows Jered to be creative in reaching those goals. If Jered falls short, Mike doesn’t come to him angry but instead comes to him as a support system to help him achieve the goals. One quote that Mike uses with his employees is, “ How can I support you better?” 


This leadership quality allows for Mike’s employees to feel like they are accomplishing goals together, instead of being told what to do.

Good Employees Don’t Come Overnight

Jackson makes a point to stress that learning this leadership style, or even getting your employees ready for this type of leadership takes time. He recommends taking baby steps instead of jumping in with both feet. This helps train yourself to be a better leader and helps train employees to start thinking less like an employee, and more like a CEO of their responsibilities.

Final Takeaway

 Employees want to feel like they are part of a company, not working for you. As a leader, if you can show that you value your employee’s voices and feedback, they will be more invested in helping you achieve your goals. Love your employees and support them in their job, and in turn, they will work hard and stick with you for the long hall.  If there is one quote to take away, it would be this sentence Mike uses with his employees when they fall short of their goal or make a mistake.  “ How can I support you better?” Want to know more about these tools and what you can do to get out of your own way and improve your mindset? Go to to listen to our FREE webinar or and book a call with one of our coaches. They will get you set up with all the tools, systems, and more to build the business you’ve always wanted.
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