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Episode 038

Employee Motivation : Episode 038: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 038 – Employee Motivation : Episode 038: Mike Campion LIVE

Employee Motivation
Mike Campion, Ivan Perez, Evelyn’s Cleaning and Employee Motivation- we’ve got a party on our hands people…
Ever feel like your people do just NOT to get fired and not one millimeter more? If so, you are in the right place- settle in for a good listen… Today’s episode explains how the right culture attracts the right employees and crazy enough DIRECTLY affects the cash you put in your pocket.

Have you ever thought about your employees as commodities? Felt like you don’t even want to bother learning names until they have been around a couple of months? Be honest…

The problem comes in when we realize that THEY think of us and the job we provide them as commodities also- check out today’s episode now and find out how to combat it!!

BONUS CONTENT: Want to discover how to stop your prospects from seeing you as a commodity and command premium pricing? CLICK HERE for an awesome podcast on that very subject!

Want more? Sure why not- Mike also explains how to not only attract the PERFECT employee but how to make sure the wrong ones don’t even show up for the interview.

SAD FACT: As the owner of a cleaning business, not only do you have to compete with all the other entry level positions, you have to compete with the government paying people similar money NOT to work!

This does NOT make it easy to find and keep the hard working reliable people you NEED to run your cleaning company.

Maybe you have taken a ride on the “maybe if I pay my people more than everyone else” roller coaster and found that $10/ hour employees work just about as hard as $12.50/ hour employees- this episode will walk you through how to ACTUALLY get employee motivation WITHOUT paying more!!

KEY POINT: Ten or twelve bucks an hour is never gonna buy anyone’s full out passion and effort.

You have to listen in to get the full skinny- but I’ll give you a hint here- it’s all about culture and Core Values! Before you start thinking you can go off to an “executive retreat” in Tahoe and come down the mountain with Core Values in hand, it’s not that easy.

Mike explains how it is more a process of discovering what is truly important to you than holding a focus group on the best core values for employee motivation in a cleaning company.

BONUS LOVIN: Find something important to you that is bigger than you OR the company and make that the golden thread that runs through your entire organization

Alright- did you listen? Wasn’t it awesome! I know!! Okay, Mike promised a link to Vernee Harnish’s Rockefeller Habits so here it is CLICK HERE

Here’s a bonus quote from Verne himself- “If your employees aren’t mocking you about your core values you haven’t been talking about them enough”

Of course no episode of the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast would be complete without a trip to the lightening round so check out the highlights from that here:

Know what you’re talking about when it comes to your offerings
Value your time – don’t take the low ball offers
Work with your team now and again- learn from your employees and clients
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