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Episode 1032

Embracing Imperfect Action: Ellen's Journey to Cleaning Company Success: Episode 1032


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Episode 1032 –Embracing Imperfect Action: Ellen's Journey to Cleaning Company Success

Introducing Ellen Olson - The Quiet Powerhouse

In the world of cleaning company owners, one name that often comes to mind is Mike Campion. His podcasts are a treasure trove of insights, and in a recent episode, he introduced us to an extraordinary guest – Ellen Olson. Ellen, at just 22 years old, is a shining example of the hidden potential in all of us. While she might be young, her journey in the cleaning business is truly inspiring.

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Mike described Ellen as a quiet and kind individual who might not fit the mold of a typical dominant, outgoing entrepreneur. Yet, beneath her soft-spoken demeanor, Ellen is a complete badass, proving that you don’t need a dominant personality to have a massive impact.

Overcoming Fear and Embracing Imperfect Action

Ellen’s journey began as a solo house cleaner, but she soon realized the limitations of this path. When she got sick or wanted to take a vacation, her income disappeared, and she had no benefits. She had bigger goals in mind and needed to secure more income to achieve them. Ellen had been listening to Mike’s podcast for a year and had even contemplated signing up for a call but backed out due to fear. In February, she made the decision to reach out for help to grow her cleaning company.

Transitioning from a Solo Cleaner to a Business Owner

What Ellen found was that her biggest obstacle was not the tasks themselves but her own fear. Fear of making mistakes, fear of stepping into the role of a business owner, and fear of the unknown. It was a fear that had held her back from taking action for a long time.

The Power of Low-Cost Marketing

However, Ellen’s story is one of courage and determination. She overcame her fears, took imperfect action, and started her journey towards transforming her cleaning business into a thriving enterprise. The turning point for Ellen was recognizing that imperfect action is better than inaction. She learned that it’s okay to make mistakes and that they can be valuable lessons on the path to success.

A Valuable Lesson: Imperfect Action Trumps Inaction

Ellen’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. One of the biggest hurdles was transitioning from being a solo cleaner to a business owner with employees. She had to face the fear of hiring and training new team members. However, once she took the leap, she realized it wasn’t as daunting as she had imagined. The hiring process, interviews, and making her first hire turned out to be a lot smoother and less scary than she initially thought.

Support and Growth in the Cleaning Business Community

Ellen’s journey isn’t just about overcoming fear and making critical business decisions; it’s also about embracing marketing strategies. She started with canvassing, an approach she found cost-effective. Despite being initially scared to go out canvassing, Ellen soon discovered that it was a fruitful endeavor. In just one hour of canvassing, she generated three leads, one of which converted into a client. The potential revenue far outweighed the time and effort invested.

Ellen's Journey - A Lesson for All Entrepreneurs

In Ellen’s story, we find a valuable lesson: fear can be our biggest obstacle. Yet, it’s also something that can be conquered. By taking imperfect action, making decisions, and learning from mistakes, we can move forward and achieve our goals. Ellen’s journey from a solo cleaner to a thriving cleaning company owner is an inspiring example of what’s possible when you push past your fears and embrace growth.

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

So, if you find yourself in a situation similar to Ellen’s, remember her story and don’t let fear hold you back. Take action, make decisions, and embrace the imperfections of the journey. You might just find yourself on a path to success you never thought possible. Ellen did it, and so can you.
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