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Episode 959

Embracing Change and Treating Your Business Like a Business: Episode 959


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EP 959
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Episode 959 –Embracing Change and Treating Your Business Like a Business

Running a business is a journey filled with challenges and growth opportunities. In this blog post, we bring you the inspiring story of Claire, a cleaning company owner from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Claire shares her experiences and insights gained from her participation in the Grow My Cleaning Company Elite program. From overcoming stagnation to embracing a new mindset, Claire’s transformation offers valuable lessons for entrepreneurs in any industry.

Claire’s Journey: From Solo Proprietor to Growing Company:
Twelve years ago, Claire embarked on her entrepreneurial journey as a sole proprietor in the cleaning industry. Initially, she had no intentions of staying in the field long-term. However, as her business grew organically, Claire incorporated her company and underwent a rebranding process in its ninth year. Today, her cleaning company boasts nearly ten team members and a growing client base, establishing itself in the market. Despite this success, Claire felt a sense of being stuck and knew that something needed to change to ensure sustainable growth.

Recognizing the Need for Change:
Claire’s realization that her business was not on a clear path to success prompted her to seek guidance. She joined the Clean Profit Elite offered by Grow My Cleaning Company. Like many entrepreneurs, Claire discovered that even established businesses need specialized coaching and support to thrive. She learned that having a successful and growing business does not necessarily mean having everything figured out. This humbling experience opened her eyes to the importance of seeking guidance from experts who understand the intricacies of running a labor-intensive industry like residential cleaning.

Celebrating New Perspectives and Approaches:
Through the coaching program, Claire experienced significant shifts in her mindset and approach to various aspects of her business. Two notable celebrations emerged from her journey: refining the hiring process and gaining clarity on the numbers.

First, Claire delved into the values of her company, ensuring alignment between her personal values and the company’s core principles. By prioritizing values when hiring new team members, Claire recognized the importance of creating a cohesive and committed workforce. She embraced the idea that a values match is crucial, and even if a person does not work out, it’s for the best.

Secondly, Claire gained a deeper understanding of her financials and the need for profitability. She learned to detach emotions from the numbers, allowing her to objectively analyze the business’s financial health. By simplifying the process and focusing on the right metrics, she could make informed decisions, such as implementing rate increases and addressing operational inefficiencies.

Overcoming Perfectionism and Prioritizing Business Needs:
Claire’s journey also involved overcoming perfectionism and realizing the need to treat her business like a business. She recognized the guilt that often accompanies profitability and the challenge of mentally accepting that she deserved to earn a good income. With the support of her husband and coaching program, Claire learned to detach herself emotionally, set appropriate boundaries, and prioritize profit without compromising client relationships.

Claire’s Transformative Growth:
Claire’s journey with Grow My Cleaning Company has been transformative. She acknowledged the importance of stepping back from the day-to-day operations and dedicating time to work on her business. By embracing change, taking action, and implementing the lessons learned from the coaching program, Claire experienced rapid growth and a newfound work-life balance.

Claire’s story serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs in any industry. Her journey highlights the significance of seeking guidance, shifting mindsets, and treating businesses as businesses. By overcoming perfectionism, detaching emotions from decisions, and prioritizing profitability, entrepreneurs can set themselves up for long-term success. Claire’s transformation reminds us that change is essential, and with the right support and mindset, any business can thrive and achieve its goals.

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