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Episode 943

How Live Events Can Empower Your Business Growth: Episode 943


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How Live Events Can Empower Your Business Growth
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Episode 943 – How Live Events Can Empower Your Business Growth

In this episode, Next Level client Spencer Ward discusses his experience with attending the Clean Profit Live event with Mike. Spencer shares how Mike’s guidance helped him shift his perspective from focusing on top-line revenue to increasing net profit. By paying attention to expenses and avoiding loss-making clients, Spencer was able to double his profit and revenue, quadrupling his profit effectively. This highlights the importance of focusing on net profit.

Spencer also emphasizes the benefits of attending live events and building a support network. Being in the same room with like-minded people allowed him to make connections with individuals further ahead of him and with different skills, providing him with empowerment and accountability to achieve his goals. Spencer’s experience highlights how working with a coach can provide expert advice, guidance, and a fresh perspective, leading to growth and success for business owners.

In addition to discussing business, the two briefly touch on Spencer’s significant weight loss, which Mike congratulates him on. Overall, this conversation emphasizes the importance of creating a support network and connecting with like-minded individuals, and the ability of live events and coaching to provide guidance and new perspectives to business owners.

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