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Episode 233

Easy Cleaner Management Solutions: Episode 233: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 233 – Manage Your Employees Better

How Swept can help your cleaning business?

How to get the tools and software needed to efficiently manage your business and employees? 

Today’s podcast is extra special as we are speaking with Michael Brown CEO of a software company who has developed a great tool to help cleaning companies worldwide called Swept! This amazing software is currently helping companies from all over increase clientele and retain employees with the many tools that the owners have been developed with the hardships of owning and managing a cleaning business in mind. Michael got into the business of cleaning with his partner Matt four years ago while they were owners of their very own cleaning business. Matt has twenty years in the technology field and while Michael was on site doing the sales, cleaning when cleaners would not show, and doing all aspects of the business that there is he would communicate his trouble back to Matt. After some time of thinking what a better way would be to solve the problems that were arising, they came up with the idea to use software as a way to grow their very own company. When after expanding to their third city competitors started taking notice that they were steadily losing deals to Michael and Matt’s company. Soon after they began having to turn down other businesses who were coming to them and asking to use this software, which is when they decided to give it a go and began selling the software. Once the software and all of the great tools it came with received such high praise and became in demand to other business owners the two put together a free session for others to go over their playbook of what they did as a cleaning company and how they became so successful. This went so well that they are now looking to travel to share their knowledge and software information to others. It is in their plans to have an online version of the teaching so that they may reach a broader range of potential customers and maintain an interactive site about how to grow your cleaning business and retain employees.

RESOURCE ALERT: What is Swept and how can it help you! https://oldsite.growmycleaningcompany.comhow-to-market-a-cleaning-business/

The Swept software allows the business owner to identify issues that are going on while they are not on site so that a solution can be put in place immediately. Rather than finding out from a client that something went wrong with their cleaning, owners can see in real time what problems may have come about. Cleaners are on the front line of your business and know what is going on before the owners do, such as whether they are running late if they are not going to show up, if something broke, they are out of supplies, etc. When it comes to potential clients, you can go to a meet and not only tell them about all of the great things you can do for them but you can show the app. Having the app to show the client is a significant advantage over other cleaning businesses because it shows how you manage your cleaning team and can prove that your cleaning company is more efficient over those who do not have the tool. If clients cannot see a clear reason to pick someone, they will go straight to who has the lowest price. Coming in with something other than a lower bid as a guarantee to the customer will help you to win bids. They now also have a tool called the 21-day challenge, which is three weeks of content where you can learn about bidding, generating leads, how to win a contract with a proposal, how to separate yourself and build trust with clients among many other great learning tools.

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Swept has created a way within the company to support the cleaners and open up lines of communication for all those within. There is a message board in a hundred different languages so that when the cleaners show up they know exactly what their tasks are. With swept the employees can send out messages about how a job went and whether all task are completed, if any issues had arisen, if supply is needed and any other pieces of information that needs to be shared. This comes as a great benefit to the cleaners as they can know what is going on with jobsites and send out information publicly so that they do not get bothered outside of their shift. You can also highlight and publicly acknowledge when employees have gone above and beyond their duties. When you show your employees that you appreciate them it can make a tremendous difference! Treating employees with respect, showing that they are understood, and cared about is how you attract the best talent. Understanding and acknowledging people is going to beat money almost all of the time, employees want to know that they are appreciated. Having this software is not going to magically make employees stay but having this tool that can be a central hub where you and your staff can come together as a community. You can have everyone involved and come to know each other so that you may show your employees that they are a part of something much bigger than themselves.

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