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Episode 499

Does Cold Calling Work for Cleaning Companies? Episode 499: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 499 – Does Cold Calling Work for Cleaning Companies?

This scenario is probably the same for a lot of us: you want more leads, but hate cold calling and don’t even know if you SHOULD be cold calling. However, if you don’t have consistent, scalable leads that come in with or without you working, you don’t have a real business. Let’s take a look at some of the beliefs behind this problem and why they’re not necessarily true.

False Belief – If I just had time to cold call, I could get all the leads I want.

Actually, LESS and less people are picking up their phone! It went from direct mail (still works), to telemarketing (still works), to email (still works), to social media groups (ads and posts). Either telemarketing works or you get burnt out. But either way, you quit doing it! Therefore, always outsource it if you choose to do telemarketing.

False Belief – If I could just hire a good telemarketer, I could get all the leads I want.

The truth is telemarketing is a HARD job. Good telemarketers are hard to find and even harder to keep. They start good but are FLAKY. It’s also very hard to scale and getting harder to do so with telemarketing.

False Belief – “I know a guy who built a multimillion dollar business just on telemarketing.”

There is always this legend that keeps popping up, but in reality, ANY ONE lead source is too few as they are ALL risky! In addition to that, ALL lead sources tend to go in and out of vogue. Here’s the truth: any ONE marketing strategy is not enough!

False Belief – “I tried (or know a bunch of guys who tried) telemarketing and I (they) say it doesn’t work.”

So here’s what happened: you either called the wrong people or said the wrong things. The reality is, if you sound like a salesperson, you will get treated like a salesperson. As soon as you sound “salesy” the lead will want to get you off the phone. Here’s something to try instead: pattern interrupt , which throws them off. Try curiosity, be real and be honest, get the “gatekeeper” on the other end of the line on your side, and most importantly, find out how to give them value! Use your creativity to come up with things a normal salesperson or telemarketer would never say!

False Belief – Telemarketing is too hard and shouldn’t be any part of my client attraction strategy.

YOU PERSONALLY shouldn’t be doing it consistently. Hire the best pros you can find for this (it CAN be tricky!). Again, keep in mind that telemarketing or ANYTHING shouldn’t be the ONLY strategy. The RIGHT answer is to ALWAYS be testing several strategies!

We coach you to have SEVERAL scalable, repeatable, dependable lead sources. Once you do, you can grow your company by just dialing up or down each lead source as you see fit. Not only is your company worth way more to YOU- it is worth way more to a buyer!

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