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Episode 485

Do Your Clients REALLY Need to Think It Over?: Episode 485: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 485 – Do Your Clients REALLY Need to Think It Over?

It’s happened to the best of us – you’ve done a walk through with a customer, then afterwards, they’re unwilling to make a decision. They play hide and seek when you try to turn them into clients.You’re wasting hundreds of hours going on bids/estimates, only to be told  “I have to think about it” and then feel like you’re hounding them for days/weeks trying to get a decision, knowing full well they’re just getting other bids hoping for a cheaper price. 

False Belief: When customers say ‘this looks good. We’ll call you.”, this means you did a good job

When they say that, it’s usually code for “I’ll never call you, but you can chase me for the next couple of weeks or months.” If the customer is not being decisive right then and there, you risk having to follow up with them indefinitely.

False Belief: Your job is to give them a price

Your job is to help them get CLEAR on their pain, their commitment to solve it, and help them solve it. If they aren’t willing to help themselves, it’s not worth it. To expand on how to help them get clear, try to get down to specific examples such as a couple wanting help cleaning so they can spend more quality time together instead of cleaning on the weekends.

False Belief: Clients need to think it over

If they really have a problem, there’s nothing to think over. If they’re clear on their pain, they’re not going to want to stay in that pain, they’re going to want to solve that pain. YOU haven’t helped them get clear on their pain and/or given them confidence you can solve their pain.

False Belief: They need other bids

You need to set the ground rules as to what is going to happen BEFORE you go. You need to lead the conversation since they are coming to YOU to solve their pain.

False Belief: Anyone willing to give you money is a potential client

You have the right to QUALIFY who deserves your time talent and ability. Keep in mind that if you’re always grinding away with a customer over price, you will always be that way unless you have boundaries.

False Belief: It’s in their best interest to think it over

It’s in their best interest to make a decision NOW. Again, if they are truly in pain, and are CLEAR on what exactly that pain is, they are going to want to find a way to fix it ASAP.

False Belief: You should let them lead the process

They called YOU for YOUR expertise. Don’t be afraid to be upfront and clearly state your policies, prices, etc.

False Belief: “Sleeping on it” is just wise

You SELL how you BUY! Just pay full price. Be decisive. If you’re not a person who asks for discounts as a buyer, then do not offer discounts for your service. If you’re a decisive person, decisive clients will be attracted to that.

False Belief: Some people are just decisive and some people aren’t

You can and SHOULD build that muscle. Just as some people are naturally not strong physically, they can train their body and build those muscles! Being decisive is the same concept: you train and practice being decisive consistently until it’s second nature.

False Belief: It makes sense to put off decisions

Putting things off doesn’t help. It actually makes things worse for YOU and your clients. If you make a bad decision, make another one. Bottom line is, you always have the ability to be decisive and make that next decision.

Being decisive brings you more time, money, and FUN!  If you enjoyed this and would like to watch this video and others like it, click here. If you are still hungry to learn more and would like to watch our free informative webinar, head over to this link and find the most suitable time for you!

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