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Episode 1025

Do You Have Trust Issues in Your Cleaning Company? Try This!: Episode 1025


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Episode 1025 – Do You Have Trust Issues in Your Cleaning Company? Try This!


Join Mike Campion, the owner and main coach of Grow My Cleaning Company, as he engages in a profound conversation with Jenell Newell, one of our exceptional mindset coaches. Together, they explore the crucial concepts of trust, faith, and conquering fears on the journey to growing your cleaning business.

The Power of Trust and Faith:

Mike opens the discussion by expressing his admiration for Jenell and her unique ability to help individuals overcome obstacles in their businesses. While Mike excels at providing practical advice, Jenell and Suzanne excel at addressing the emotional and psychological barriers that often hinder entrepreneurs.

The core theme of their conversation revolves around the fear of relinquishing control and placing trust in others to manage critical aspects of the business, including cleaning, customer interactions, and the hiring process. Mike underscores that 80% of the challenge lies not in knowing what needs to be done, but in the fear of customers rejecting changes or employees quitting.

Jenell joins the conversation, emphasizing that one of the most significant hurdles in scaling a cleaning business is the reluctance to delegate tasks and place trust in others to perform them efficiently. She suggests that hiring individuals who are the right fit for specific roles and providing them with support and tools are pivotal in building that trust.

Hiring Based on Core Values:

Mike delves into the hiring process, stressing the importance of selecting candidates based on core values. He discusses the need for a hiring system that not only attracts applicants but also ensures a manageable and enjoyable process for business owners.

Jenell concurs, underscoring the significance of aligning potential hires with the company’s core values. She believes that clearly defined core values streamline the hiring process, ensuring that the individuals you bring on board share your vision and values.

Addressing Common Fears:

The conversation continues as Mike addresses common fears that business owners often grapple with, such as the fear of employees not showing up or customers preferring the owner’s services over those of employees. Both Mike and Jenell provide practical insights into how to confront these fears, emphasizing the need for faith in oneself and one’s ability to navigate challenges.


In summary, this podcast episode sheds light on the importance of trust, faith, and the conquest of fears within the cleaning industry. Mike and Jenell encourage business owners to have faith in themselves and their hiring processes, which ultimately leads to the development of a thriving and prosperous cleaning company.
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