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Episode 557

Do Less- Make More: Episode 557: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 557 – Do Less- Make More - an Interview with Lindsay Bjorklund

The topic for today is how to do less and make more. When we started our business, it was just me and my wife. After a couple of years we knew that we were ready to get help. We’ve had a few different VA’s over the years, and now we have Lindsay as our Director of Operations. Basically she does all the stuff I’m incapable of doing and stuff I don’t want to do.

Before Hiring a VA:

Lindsay: First thing you need to do is, get super clear on what you need help with. Make an outline of what that is, and what that looks like. Get as specific as you’d like. Note the things you want to get off your plate and you want your VA to help you with. Whether it’s dealing with customers on the phone, responding to emails, or just appointments coming in, whatever that is, clearly define what you need help with. That way, the person coming in and responding to your job description knows exactly what you want them to do. This will also help you determine if your VA is a match for you.

Communication and Core Value Fit:

Mike: Lindsay and I, we communicate. If she or anyone from the team was afraid to talk to me or anyone else, that would violate our core value. It’s not fun and it’s not going to make us any money. It’s not fun for her, it’s not fun for me, it’s not making any more money, she can’t be real, and how can she help out if she’s terrified to do anything?

Get Over the Fear:

Mike: If you think that only you can do the scheduling, only you should do the payroll or hiring, you have to be part of this, you have to be part of that, or if you feel like no one can do things the way you want them to, you have fear. And that fear of yours is what’s preventing you from doing less and earning more. You should remember, the whole place isn’t going to burn down if you delegate tasks to someone else.

How to Get a Great VA:

Lindsay: I would say, you need to put your core values first and foremost. You can’t just hire someone and assume that they have the same core values as you. You have to chat with them, get to know them.

Mike: This is what we always teach you guys, always hire based on your core values. Also, don’t fake your core values. Let your VA know your businesses strengths and weaknesses. This will help her know what needs fixing, where she should focus more on and fill it in. You hired your VA to help you, so you need to let her do her job.

Why You Should Hire a VA:

Lindsay: How much time are you spending on something that can be better delegated to someone else? Have you ever thought that that time is being wasted and you can use that time to tackle bigger more important issues that can bring you money?

Use your time and brain power to think of bigger goals for your company, and how to make more money. With a great VA, you get to do less while earning more.

Key points:

If you want to do less and make more money, there are three things you have to do:

  1. Be okay with not being able to do everything or hiring someone that may not be as good.
  2. Hire by core values.
  3. Be okay not to hire the perfect VA all the time. If you hired the wrong person, reevaluate your requirements and hire again. 

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