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Episode 773

Diversify Your Marketing in 2022: Episode 773


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Episode 773 – Diversify Your Marketing in 2022

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Lindsay Bjorklund and Jackson Pinkoski, an amazing in-house duo live at our retreat in Scottsdale, AZ. During the retreat, Jackson gave a presentation on diversifying your content in the year 2022 and he’s going to elaborate here on the podcast for those who missed the retreat. Listen in as he and Lindsay chat about why this is so important and the key things you need to get started.

Just Do It

A lot of the retreat attendees had questions about podcasts specifically and wanted advice on how to start. According to Jackson (and Mike) just start. Mike loves the phrase-just start with a crappy 1.0 version. Get something up there. Don’t tinker forever without any forward momentum. Don’t stay in the decision stage for too long. Just start to create the content and see how it goes. Commit to yourself that you are going to do it and commit to a time. Maybe it’s every two weeks. Maybe it’s once a month. Whatever you decide, commit to it. Just the step alone is huge in getting forward momentum in something like a podcast.

Get Clear On Who You Are Trying To Target with Your Content

When creating content, step one is to understand who you are creating the content for and market to their pain. If you are targeting single women in LA who make good money but don’t have time to clean, speak to that pain of wanting to go out on the weekends and hang out with friends but having to stay home and clean your house. If you want to target commercial cleaners, it’s not that different. People think they have to target the business itself to get a commercial client. The truth is, you have to target the guy who has the business credit card. Talk to the property manager who is constantly managing cleaning companies that are unreliable. Or the guy who is cleaning himself because he doesn’t have a cleaning company set up for his business. Or the headache it is to be responsible for the cleanliness of a building. You are going to speak to the pain of the decision-maker, and they are going to be more likely to say yes.

Take Advantage of Where Your Target Demographic Is

Right now, Tic Tok is huge, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the ideal place for you to be creating content as a Cleaning Company. Instead, Instagram tends to appeal the most to the 20-35-year-old range. These are the people who are buying houses and working-the people who are more likely to need cleaners in their homes. Understanding this is key to marketing effectively. Then, once you get some good ads targeted correctly, you can start putting money behind them to see how they do. Jackson recommends just starting out with as little as $10 a day for a week to see how they do. From there, you can scale them.

The Best Place to Get Ideas for Content and Marketing

Lindsay closes out the podcast with Jackson asking him what he recommends at the best platform to learn more about marketing and content. Jackson says Youtube all the way. It’s free and you can take advantage of it during your free time. While you’re driving, at the gym, or cooking dinner, you can listen to smart people sharing their knowledge that is going to help you take your content farther.

Final Takeaway: Diversifying your content marketing is a great tool to get the most out of social media. 

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