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Episode 291

Discovering Your Niche : Episode 291 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 291 – How to Approach Your Target Niche to Win NEW Cleaning

In just two days (from the time of this recording) we are going to be throwing our first ever LIVE event. We’ll have 16 cleaning company owners with us to go through everything we talk about in the Cleaning Profit Method from start to finish!

Does that excite you? If it scratches the right itch that if you could just get me on your side to help you implement these systems, then head on over and buy the Cleaning Profit System now or schedule a consulting call with me.

Alright, today we’re chatting with Robbie Johnson!

Robbie is BRAND new to the cleaning business. As with so many of you out there in Cleaning Nation, she’s struggling with how to approach her target market. The beauty of approaching your target market when you’re new is that you can use my Perfect Prospect Survey sheet straight out of the Cleaning Profit Method to help you get clients EVEN if you’re brand new!

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How it works is by helping you figure out what their pain is, how to approach them without coming off as salesy, and how to pitch your ability to solve their pain in a value-filled way that they will truly appreciate it.

It all comes down to being able to explain to them what their pain is. A funny and weird psychological thing us people go through is if someone can explain to us our pain, we immediately think they must be able to solve our pain too. This works in our favor when you use the Perfect Prospect Survey.

This is how it works….

You call through your target list and you don’t pitch them at all. That’s the quickest way to get them to shut you down. You might get a yes here and there but you’ll have to go through 100s of people. Instead, tell them you’re a brand new cleaning company who plans on servicing their niche (banks, car dealership etc.), and was just curious if they would at all be open to sitting down with you and letting you ask a few questions.

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This does not come off like you’re selling at all. You’re asking them for help. Most people want to help other people, and so many people will gladly say yes. Of course, many will also say no but they’ll likely be really interested in what you find out from your survey (more on that later).

Once you meet with these people in person, use my Perfect Prospect Survey to ask all the right questions. By the time you’ve done ten of these, you’ll know more about your niche than they do when it comes to their pain. What is great is during the Q&A sessions, they’ll see that you actually care about this stuff probably more than their currently cleaning company and will ask you to create a bid for them. If they don’t ask you, you can ask them if they’d like you to follow up with your survey results when you’re done.

Most people will say yes to this small commitment and are probably genuinely interested in what their competitors had to say about the problem of hiring cleaning companies.

After compiling 10 or so of these sessions, call up everyone who didn’t ask you to bid to inform them of the results. Also tell them how you are shaping your entire cleaning systems around these results and ask if they would be open to getting a proposal for you.

At this point you’ve offered them a ton of value without ever being a weird high pressured salesperson. While many will still say no, many will also say yes and a few of them will become your clients!

You needed zero experience or credentials to get that too. Meaning ANY new cleaning company can get clients using this method.

What is really fantastic is after you do this, you’ll know so much about your target niche’s pain that you’ll be able to implement this into all of your marketing and sales systems from then on to get even more clients wanting you to clean for them!

Alright, let’s dive into the Lightning Round!

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Get information that has been used before and proven to work.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

The naming of my cleaning company! Luckily, so new that it’s easy to pivot to a better name to fit my niche.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

When you’re training your employees make a video of it and then you can just have new employees watch that video.
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