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Episode 508

Dealing with Online Reviews: Episode 508: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 508 – Dealing with Online Reviews

Here’s the thing – there have always been crazy people out there in the world. With today’s technology at their fingertips, the crazies now have the opportunity to tell the world you suck (even if you don’t!). For this talk today, we’re assuming right off the bat here that you’re doing high integrity work and you’re not sucking at your job. You’re not out there lying, cheating or stealing.

When crazy people leave unfair reviews, it not only can cost you new customers but it can easily get to you and cost you YOUR peace of mind and sanity! What’s in OUR POWER though, is how we respond to this craziness, so let’s explore what that looks like!

False Belief – I have to “settle their hash”

The problem is that if you “settle” it then it looks like two crazy people arguing on the internet! The trick is for you to respond the SAME to everyone with a phrase such as, “So sorry – here is my personal info. Reach out so we can make it right!” No matter what the crazy person on the other end says, this will be your response. This approach will help take the craziness out of the situation. They’ll either: a) not respond at all and it ends, or b) they respond and still look crazy. Most of the time, the person on the other end probably still won’t respond to you. This usually resolves about 50% of these types of issues in our experience.

False Belief – You CANNOT recover from a bad review.

The best way to overcome a bad review is to BURY it in good reviews! This approach makes it clear THEY are the crazy ones, especially when so many clients discuss all the good you’ve done!

False Belief – I can only get the reviews my people leave – I don’t have control.

Just like everything else, you need a SYSTEM for collecting positive reviews. For an example of this, check out to see how we collect our success stories. Teach your clients to celebrate and share their wins with you for you doing your service!

False Belief – I don’t have time to deal with all of this and keep all these balls in the air.

If you feel this way, it’s most likely because you are too busy working IN your company to work ON it! This is because you don’t have the systems and processes in place to free you up and give you more time. Which brings us to…

False Belief – YOU have to deal with all of this!

Like EVERY other piece of your business, YOU have to build a system to deal with this! YOU need to be in a clean happy place to focus on your GOOD customers!

False Belief – There is no stopping crazy people from being crazy on the internet.

It’s true that there are crazy people, but you don’t have to give them the invite into your life. You can have systems and processes that weed out the crazy before they become customers! Once you have systems in place where you have MORE people coming to you for help than you can handle, it’s A LOT easier to SPOT and systematize the crazies out. It always comes down to systems!

If you want the time to organize your business into a well oiled machine that cranks out leads and gives you the time to make sure everyone has a world class experience, go to 🙂 

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