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Episode 895

Data Over Drama: Episode 895


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Episode 895 – Data Over Drama

Today on the podcast, we have world traveler and marketing guru, Jered Robinson here to talk about how to look at our problems (specifically marketing) from a logical perspective, how to keep the drama out, and how to get clear on what needs to change before we can move forward. This is an important skill to have as a business owner. Without clarity, we spend time and energy spinning our wheels and getting stuck instead of problem-solving. Listen in to see how you can stop getting bogged down in stories and get clear on exactly what’s happening and what needs to change.

To Solve a Problem, You Need Data

Before we can even understand what problem needs fixing, we have to understand what data we’re looking at. For example, it’s easy to say a sweeping comment like, ‘Facebook marketing doesn’t work for me’, but if you don’t look at the whole picture, you don’t know if Facebook marketing has anything to do with your issue. Say, for example, you have engaging, well-written copy that gets lots of clicks to your website, but there’s a weak call to action once they get there. Chances are, even if your ads are working well and bringing qualified people to your site, those people aren’t going to turn into leads because your website is the problem. You have to go through the customer journey from click to buy and see where you may be losing them.

Data Over Clicks

When it comes to creating a long-term marketing strategy, data is more important even than leads. Because if you don’t understand where those leads are coming from, it’s a short-term solution that will run its course. If you can dig into the data and understand exactly where those leads are coming from, you can create a strategy around what’s working so that leads will continue to come through that funnel successfully and consistently.

Look for the Leaky Spots

Every marketing strategy has three parts, top of funnel, middle of funnel, and bottom of funnel. Your top of funnel is the initial interaction with customers. If you aren’t getting any clicks off your original ad, your issue is with the top of your funnel. If you are getting clicks to the website, but no one is signing up to meet with you, your problem is with the middle of your funnel. If you are getting phone calls but no one is signing on with you, you have a problem with the bottom of your funnel. When you find these leaky spots in your funnel, your business will really start to grow.

Final Takeaway: Data over drama. Get clear on what your data is telling you so that you can market effectively.

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