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Episode 882

CRMs-Why They Matter and How to Get Started: Episode 882


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Episode 882 – CRMs-Why They Matter and How to Get Started: Episode 882

Today on the podcast, we have our wonderful in-house marketer Jered chatting with Mike about CRMs. CRMs or customer return management, are something that there is a lot of confusion about. People are intimidated by them because they think they are complicated or expensive when in reality they can be both or neither depending on how you set them up. Listen in as Jered breaks down the importance of that system, and how to use it to your advantage.

Why You Need a CRM

CRM’s are used to catch a potential customer in a between stage. Maybe you got a lead but you haven’t closed the lead yet. The way you follow up with that person until you close is your CRM. Maybe someone was interested and then fell off at some point or they were an old customer that could potentially be interested again. Your CRM will capture them as well. Basically, it makes sure no potential closes are left on the table and that no leads fall through the cracks. Best of all, it can all be automated.

Set Up a Tagged Email Sequence

Step one to setting up a CRM is getting software that allows you to tag certain leads and start them on a sequence. For example, if you have someone who has given you money at some point, you could create a tag in this software called ‘past customer’. Every past customer that you’ve had will go into a follow-up sequence that keeps contact with them so you don’t miss out on another opportunity to work with them again when they decide it’s time. Tagging allows you to keep track of different customers and potential customers at each phase of the buying journey.

Understand Your Data

The power of creating a CRM is that at the end of the year (or month or quarterly), you can go through your data, see how many leads you had go through that sequence, and see exactly what action they took as a result of your interactions with them. If the data is really low and the majority of people didn’t take action, you can go through and see where the chink in your hose is. But you will know exactly what is happening with each and every lead, and you will have all of their contact information going forward as you tweak and change your offer, your service, your marketing efforts, everything will be in that one place at your disposal

Final Takeaway: Your CRM doesn’t have to be complicated but the effort you put in will go a long way toward creating a system to qualify your leads. 

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