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Episode 667

Creative Solutions in a Chaotic World: Episode 667


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Episode 667 – Creative Solutions in a Chaotic World

The Unsolvable Problem

Hey Cleaning Nation! Lindsay Bjorklund, your Client Happiness Manager here at Grow My Cleaning Company with special guest Tracy Thompson. Today we are going to talk about the unsolvable problem. This is when we have the problem of feeling like we don’t have enough to invest in our business. This is an excuse that our brain finds very easy to rationalize. A lot of times when we find an excuse that is easy to rationalize we forget about all of the other ways we can grow our business. At the end of the day it all comes down to mindset.

How to Escape this Mindset

A simple exercise that can start to pull you out of that scarcity mindset is asking yourself the “what if” question. When it comes down to investing in your business ask yourself that if you could be guaranteed your top client and all you had to do was come up with $3,000 today to get set up. Would you find that $3,000? If the answer is yes, then you know that what is holding you back is your scarcity mindset. Our mindset factors into every decision we make and that can be a good thing. However, if we are focused on something that seems like an unsolvable problem it is very easy for you to get stuck in your are not in the right headspace.

How Community can Change your Mindset

One of the most valuable things you have in your life and entrepreneurial journey is a community of like minded people. This is extremely powerful because when multiple people are going in the same direction not only are you supported, but you are also inspired. When you are alone you can start to feel very isolated and defeated. If you are not a part of a community currently we encourage you to find a community you want to be a part of. If you are looking for a community and feel stuck, join our Grow My Cleaning Company group on Facebook. We have 13,000 members just waiting to cheer you on!

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