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Epsiode 079

Creating Systems for Growth : Episode 079: Mike Campion LIVE


Episode 079 – Creating Systems for Growth

Creating Systems for Growth
In today’s episode, Mike coaches Joe Church of J& M Cleaning Services, on how Creating Systems for Growth.
DID YOU KNOW? “The faster your cleaning business grows, the quicker it can fall.
****Unless you know what to watch out for.****”

TAKE THE TIME TO SELF EVALUATE: Do you think your cleaning business is growing too quickly? Can it barely keep up with the new accounts? Remember, Growing is not bad unless you can’t control it. After all, excessive things are always bad.

How and when to grow are key decisions that every small cleaning business must face eventually. In startup mode, growing too slowly means you risk running out of the capital needed to support the basic operational cleaning costs before sales reach the break-even point.

But just because you made it past that early stage doesn’t mean you’re safe. Growing too quickly means you face another set of challenges, ones that put you at a greater risk than the slow growth that kept you up at night during those shaky startup years.

So what do you need?

SYSTEMS. Yes. Systems again. For those of you who haven’t heard me speak for more than 5 minutes, here’s what a system is: A set of processes that can run without you being physically there managing your business. As your business grows, you’ll need to build systems and processes that can be automated as much as possible. You’ll need to build customer attraction system, marketing systems, customer support systems, hiring systems, and many others.

Systems are rules, policies, and procedures that your trained cleaners can repeat as your company grows and run independent of you.

You need constant system in place! So we, cleaning nation, Salutes Joe for maintaining Customer attraction systems even though he’s having a lot of customers. Because turning that system off is the most common mistake everyone has done! You must have a continuous flow, not an ON/OFF bursts of Customers and Employees.
A Piece of Advice to Cleaning Nation: “A Goal without a Plan, is just a Wish.”

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