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Episode 372

Creating Employee Loyalty : 372 : Renee Lucero


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Episode 372 – Creating Employee Loyalty

Today Mike is chatting live from the ISSA Dallas Show, with Renee Lucero, owner of Queen Bee Janitorial! Renee’s wondering how to keep good employees that she can trust.

It’s a question many cleaning company owners deal with. How can I possibly make sure that I hire good employees that plan on staying long-term and represent my company well?

Like many things in life, this scary question seems a lot easier to deal with if we start at the foundation. If you hire employees that don’t fit your core values from the start, there’s a good chance you’re going to have problems down the line. Your hiring process, along with all of your business decisions should always align with your core values.

These core values are 3-5 (Ideally 3-4) values that define you as a person. Many people mistake core values for qualities they think their customers want from their business. But the reality is, your core vales are just that, YOURS. A great way to identify what your core values are, is to think about things that really upset you. Are there little things that most people wouldn’t think twice about but REALLY make you mad? That’s a great indicator that one of your core values was violated! 

Does it make you crazy when someone lies about something small? Honesty is probably one of your core values! Do you get really antsy or worked up if you’re running a few minutes late to an appointment because you gave your word? Being a person of integrity might be a core value!

The most important part of core values, is that you live them out loud every day. They are crucial to attracting the right customers and employees and almost as importantly, repelling the wrong ones.

Mike’s Core Values are: Be Real, Have Fun, Help Out, and Make Money. If you’ve ever listened to a podcast, or watched any of the videos he’s put out, you can easily see these core values shine through. Just by being a member of Cleaning Nation, it’s likely you were attracted to our core values. 

It is a lot easier to teach an employee that fits your core values how to clean than it is to teach an employee that doesn’t your core values. Having the right attitude and core values match is far more valuable in a team member than cleaning experience!

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It’s important to keep your core values consistent throughout your business. Getting great employees through the door is only one part, keeping them there, happy and engaged is crucial so keep your core values going throughout. After you hire a team member, small things like having a shirt with their name already on it, can really create a sense of community for your employees that they can’t get anywhere else.

Another great example of Mike and his Be Real and Have Fun core values, is when he owned a commercial shade construction company, he and the workers would always play football on their lunch break, and would have a monthly employee party. Depending on your core values, you may want to create a sense of community in a different way, the important part is making sure that your core values create a sense of community for your employees that really shows. That’s going to make all the difference when a competitor offers a nickel more an hour, they’re much more likely to stay where they feel like they belong and can’t get that anywhere else, even for more money!

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The last point we’ll tackle today before the lightning round, is how to get employees to stay. The simple answer is: you can’t. But that’s really not a bad thing. In creating a community that reflects your core values and in turn makes everyone want to be a part of, your supply of suitable employees with increase significantly. If the employees that do decide to quit truly loved going in to work every day, you can bet they would recommend your company to anyone they know that would be a good fit.

With all of that sweet, sweet knowledge, let’s head into the:  

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

That you should always share your knowledge. You never know what may happen to you.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Not knowing about the green, yellow, and red zone, and taking on clients in my red zone.

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What is your favorite book?

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