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Episode 1012

Creating a Dream Team: Hiring and Firing for Core Values in Cleaning Businesses: Episode 1012


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Episode 1012
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Episode 1012 – Creating a Dream Team: Hiring and Firing for Core Values in Cleaning Businesses


In a recent coaching session, Mike Campion and Elite clients, Mike and Amber Kelley, delved into a crucial topic for cleaning company owners—finding employees who truly align with their core values.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Mike Kelley began the discussion with exciting news, sharing that they had hired another employee who was a perfect fit for their company’s core values. This new addition had brought a breath of fresh air to the team, and it was clear that they were on the right track.

Enjoying the Workplace

Mike Campion emphasized the importance of working with people you genuinely enjoy being around. It’s not just about avoiding employees who make you miserable; it’s about finding those who make you look forward to going to work.

Positive Impact on Business

When you build a team that you genuinely love working with, it has a significant impact on your business. Turnover decreases, customer complaints decrease, and the overall work experience improves.

Spotting Core Values in Hires

Amber chimed in, highlighting how their ability to identify employees who matched their core values had transformed their hiring process. Previously, they might have missed out on these great hires because they didn’t know what to look for.

Longevity of Core Values

Mike Campion emphasized the longevity of core values. They remain consistent throughout a business owner’s career and apply to multiple ventures. Recognizing core values in people, even in your personal life, becomes a valuable skill that brings positivity and authenticity to your relationships.

Recognizing Mismatched Employees

Amber shared her experience of how their initial struggles with employees had transformed into a situation where they could identify employees who didn’t fit their core values. She mentioned that their current team even recognized when someone didn’t align with the company culture, leading to valuable insights into potential issues.

Core Values-Based Conversations

Mike Campion provided a crucial piece of advice on addressing these situations—having core values-based conversations. It’s about talking to employees who may be straying from the core values and discussing their behavior in the context of the company’s values. This allows for open communication, self-correction, and the opportunity to align with the core values.

The Commercial Cleaning Dilemma

The conversation then shifted to the topic of taking on commercial cleaning jobs. Mike Campion emphasized the importance of categorizing potential clients into red, yellow, or green based on their alignment with the company’s niche. For their residential cleaning business, Mike recommended considering commercial jobs as “red.”

Focusing on Niche Leads to Long-Term Success

Focusing on a specific niche leads to better results in the long run, even if it means turning down short-term opportunities. Amber appreciated the clarity this approach provided, reducing decision-making stress and providing a more defined path for their business.

Niche Focus for Success

Mike Campion ended the session with a valuable lesson—niching down might not be the sexiest topic, but it’s one of the most impactful. Finding your niche, defining your core values, and focusing on your business’s unique strengths can lead to long-term success.
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