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Episode 1125

Creating a Cohesive Team: The Importance of Culture in Cleaning Businesses: Episode 1125


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Episode 1125 – Creating a Cohesive Team: The Importance of Culture in Cleaning Businesses


In this episode, Lindsay Bjorklund leads the discussion with Mike Campion on an essential but often overlooked topic: building a strong company culture and core values in your cleaning business. Let’s dive in and see why this matters and how it can transform your company.

Why Culture Matters

Lindsay starts by noting that many cleaning company owners don’t put much thought into their company culture. Mike jumps in and notes that this isn’t because they don’t see its value, but because they simply don’t know how to create one. Culture might seem like an abstract concept, but it’s crucial for any successful business. A strong culture ensures that everyone in the company shares the same values and goals, making the business run more smoothly and efficiently.

Defining Core Values

Mike explains that many people think having a culture means being nice to employees or posting core values on the wall. However, real culture is about consistently living those values and hiring people who naturally align with them. For example, in Mike’s company, the core values are “Have Fun, Be Real, Make Money, and Help Out.” These aren’t just words; they guide every decision and action within the company. When everyone shares these values, the workplace feels cohesive and motivated.

The Impact of Core Values

Lindsay shares her experience of joining Mike’s team, highlighting how the core values made a difference. Although Mike never explicitly stated these values at first, Lindsay felt their presence in the workplace’s vibe. When values are genuinely integrated into a company, employees feel more connected and committed. This connection is essential in an industry where the work can be tough and often underappreciated.

Common Misunderstandings

Some cleaning business owners think that since the job involves low-paying, physical work, it doesn’t matter if employees share core values. Mike argues that this mindset is flawed. If employees only see their job as scrubbing toilets for a paycheck, they won’t stay long. However, if they feel part of a community that shares their values and makes work enjoyable, they are more likely to stay and thrive.

Real-Life Scenarios

Finally, Lindsay presents a scenario where a business owner considers bending hiring rules for a seemingly perfect candidate. Mike advises against it. If a candidate can’t meet basic job requirements, they aren’t a true fit, no matter how well they align with core values. Sticking to your standards ensures you maintain a strong and consistent culture.


Building a strong culture and clear core values might seem challenging, but it’s vital for the success of your cleaning business. When employees are aligned with your values and feel part of a supportive community, they’re more likely to stay, perform well, and help your business thrive. So, Cleaning Nation, start defining and living your core values today!
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