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Episode 049

Competing with Lowball Bidders: Episode 049: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 049 – Competing with Lowball Bidders

Competing with Lowball Bidders
Welcome to today’s episode of Grow My Cleaning Company where your favorite host Mike Campion gives a nice long rant on competing with lowball bidders.
Are you sick of trying to compete with companies that either don’t do things the right way or even go flat out illegal? Trying to figure out how on God’s green earth they are going to do a $1,000/ mo job for $400 and a shiny button? If so, today is your day and you are in the right place!

Today’s guest is Joe Scrozati proud owner of Dust Busters NJ. You can get a hold of him and his team at

So enough intro- let’s get down to it and talk about the wild wild world of competing with lowball bidders!

Mike dives right in by explaining the difference between selling and educating and how to position yourself as a consultant instead of just another salesperson.

BONUS LOVIN: If you have a customer who came from/ had a bad experience with a lowballer before they found you, do a case study with them. Interview them- make a video and throw it up on your website!!

Listen in and discover the rookie mistake so many owners of cleaning companies make on their websites, when talking to customers, giving bids, etc and how it can crush your ability to get new contracts and make decent profit.

Mike talks about how to discover what their REAL pain/ desire/ need is (hint- it’s NOT price) and how you can use that information to give a better bid and virtually eliminate low ball competition.

You will also learn how to tell the difference between good potential customers that just need to be educated and bad potential customers that are never going to see the value in what you do so you waste as little time as possible with prospects that are never going to be a good fit.

RESOURCE ALERT: If you like this episode, we did another one on how to bid- check it out HERE

Mike shares a crazy effective way to get customers to come to you instead of chasing them and it’s called a lead magnet- listen in and find out how to implement one of these bad boys in YOUR cleaning company.

Once you get all of this magic flowing, you are going to want to really knock it home with a strong Unique Selling Proposition. You may have heard that phrase before, but you still might not be sure how to implement it in a cleaning company or how to use it to get out of the low price rat race. If so, today is your lucky day- listen up and discover how to use your USP to make some money!!

Mike shares the guidelines you are going to use to make sure your unique selling proposition is effective and profitable.

As is our custom, once Mike unloads the rock star/ cleaning company exploding coaching, he invites his guest Joe to the lightning round where he shares his experience with you- Cleaning Nation!!

Joe says:

Never quit selling
Keep your word and do what you say
Get help with paperwork when you need it
Once you are finished with the episode, you might just be sad that it is over and start going through withdrawls- never fear, we have you covered loyal listener!!

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