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Episode 032

Commercial Cleaning Contracts: Episode 032: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 032 – Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Commercial Cleaning Contracts
Mike Campion talks about how to attract and keep commercial cleaning contracts with M&G Janitorial Service’s very own Max Volmar.

The conversation starts out with why your USP or Unique Selling Proposition is so important when soliciting commercial cleaning contracts. Listen in and find out what a USP is, how to create one for your cleaning company and most importantly how to use your USP to make it easy to get cleaning contracts!

BONUS LOVIN: Done right, your USP can and should make you the ONLY choice for your prospect regardless of price!

The fun train keeps rollin when Mike covers what the pain of disconnect is and how to put that bad boy to work in your cleaning company!!

Find out how NOT to get stuck bidding on price!

Getting cleaning contracts is only the first step, once you have em, you gotta keep em and Mike brings the heat with three or four ways to make sure your customer knows you have been there making it harder for them to move on to the next cleaning company.

As usual, Mike rants about how the right systems can make these things happen like magic for your customer without a lot of work on your part. Listen in and discover all the ways you can make it almost impossible for your customers to leave you

HINT: The WORST time to try to save a customer is when they call to tell you they are switching or bidding out your job

We cover all of the “red flags” customers wave weeks or months before they decide to switch cleaners and how to recognize what is going on and swoop in and save the day before things spin out of control and you are out on your butt…

Even with all of the amazing genius flowing- even the BEST cleaning company is going to let one slip through the cracks so Mike and Max talk about how to make sure that you are absolutely FIRST in line when your customer leaves and realizes the terrible mistake he has made

Owners of cleaning companies forget that their best prospects are former customers who they took good care of. Fear of change and something new is what stops so many prospects from changing cleaners and you have a HUGE advantage over all other competitors if they already know like and trust you as a former client.

No episode is complete without Lightening Round Lovin and Max does not disappoint. Max shares how to:

Build solid relationships (not just with customers)
Deal with employees personal issues
Make customers feel special
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