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Episode 138

Commercial Cleaning Bids: Episode 138: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 138 – Commercial Cleaning Bids

Commercial Cleaning Bids Made Easy
In today’s blog post we cover commercial cleaning bids just as Mike helps Sabrina Fernandez in today’s podcast. Sabrina owns Eco Friendly Cleaning and serves the Redding Pennsylvania area with Eco-friendly cleaning.

Mike helps Sabrina with two things- both related to commercial cleaning bids. First we will cover exactly how to put together a commercial cleaning bid/ contract. Second, how to break into commercial and get cleaning bids.

When putting together a commercial cleaning bid, you don’t want to go crazy with a bunch of confusing legal jargon. So many owners of cleaning companies try to protect themselves from every possible outcome using a big scary contract.

Keep in mind, the cleaning business is pretty simple and straightforward. Rarely if ever will you end up in court with your customer, therefore all those long scary contracts that get in the way of you getting new business end up hurting more than they help.

That doesn’t mean you don’t need a written agreement, it just means the agreement needs to be simple and straightforward.

Here is what you need to include in your commercial cleaning bid:
What you are and are NOT going to do
How much it’s going to cost
Payment terms
For residential customers, you need the same items, but add what happens if they cancel or want to reschedule a cleaning

That is really it. The important part you don’t want to overlook is what you are NOT going to do. This protects you from “scope creep” and the customer adding services for no additional money as you continue working together.

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Now that you know how to physically create a commercial bids and agreements, let’s talk about how to break into commercial properties. First, you want to make sure you are attracting customers NOT chasing. Listen to the podcast to hear more on that.

Next, you want to make sure you are putting out commercial cleaning bids that are cheap enough to get the job but expensive enough to be profitable.

So many owners wait until companies put out RFP’s (Request for Proposals) to try and get a commercial cleaning bid. The problem is that is the most competitive way to get cleaning bids as there is often a ton of competition and a lot of focus on price over value.

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So many owners come into the cleaning business thinking something like this… I’m really good at cleaning. Better than everyone else. Customers obviously want the best cleaning. I will do well.

That is NOT the case.

As Michael Gerber outlines in the E-Myth, good mechanics rarely make good auto repair shop owners and good hair stylists rarely make good beauty salon owners. That means the best cleaners aren’t necessarily the best owners of cleaning services.

KEY POINT: Cleaning is NOT the key skill you need- focus on things like client attraction, systems, Core Values and creating a powerful culture!
A big red flag is assuming what you think your standards for “clean” are the only standards instead of listening to your prospects and customers wants and needs. It’s their building. They are the one paying. Become an expert in their needs, not in “cleaning”. , that we clean to the level they want and price accordingly to that.

Especially when transitioning from residential to commercial (or vice versa), the needs of each customer are very different. Residential cleaning customer expectations are very different from commercial customer expectations. It is hard to get commercial cleaning bids when you are pricing based on residential cleaning standards.

Typically margins are a smaller in commercial buildings. If you figure on the residential side the average ticket is $250 and you make %15 that’s $30 in profit for the month, conversely the average commercial ticket could be $1500 a month that same 15% could be $200-300 a month which will decrease your competitiveness. So keep in mind as the jobs get bigger the percentage of profit will have to decrease slightly to keep up with the competition.

How to Attract Commercial Cleaning Bids
Talk about their favorite subject, themselves. The number one sin in marketing messaging is talking about YOU and your company. Build relationships. Most businesses change cleaning companies every year or two. Build those relationships when they aren’t looking to bid and then be at the top of the list when they are.

One of the best ways to connect with your customer is by providing information about and solutions to pain they have. The best way to understand their pain and to provide specific solutions to that pain is to niche down. Pick a small community of prospects that you will know and serve better than anyone else.

Once you have that niche, you can start putting together information just for them and offer it to your customers and prospects for free. You can do that

On your website
Over webinars
Lunch & Learns
Direct Mail
Company Parties
The possibilities are endless. Be creative and find ways to bring value to your ideal perfect customer even when they aren’t looking for a bid. You will find yourself first in line when they do start looking for commercial cleaning bids!

Before Mike ends his conversation with Sabrina, he gives her the opportunity to share with Cleaning Nation in the …

Lightning Round:

Question #1-Best advice?

Don’t undersell yourself

Question #2- Biggest Mistake?

Saying yes too much – figure out your target customer and say no to the ones that don’t fit

Question #3- Something to implement NOW?

Offering a quarterly or annual prepay option with a discount
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