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Episode 093

Commercial Cleaning Bidding: Episode 093: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 093 – Commercial Cleaning Bidding

Commercial Cleaning Bidding
In today’s episode Mike coaches Kishwar Smith of Immaculate Cleaning Concepts on Commercial Cleaning Bidding.
Kishwar is slowly transitioning her cleaning business from residential to commercial and wants to know how to price out those jobs without being too expensive or not making any profit.

Mike isn’t a big fan of customized pricing, listen in to hear why and what you need to know for Commercial Cleaning Bidding.

You can’t reinvent the wheel each time, per customer, their needs, what they can afford, if you like them etc.

BONUS TIP: Create a system on how to generate your pricing. Have your prices ready and that’s what you got.

Learn about the good, better, best system and how it can increase your sales.

When you create systems, you aren’t reinventing the wheel with each bid. Not only is it a lot of work for you, it makes the customer uncomfortable.

Customers want people to be in charge and be ready, not to be unsure.

You might be surprised to hear Mike say Don’t “see what the market is doing” listen in to the show to hear why it’s important not to.

BONUS TIP: You have to price your services to where they are profitable for you and your company. No point in doing the work if you can’t make a profit.

Figure out how many hours it’s going to take, how much it costs you to do, the overhead and how much profit you need to include.

Remember, for commercial businesses, the cleaning is a small number to them. But when you are moving from residential to commercial we get into our own heads about the price and what is affordable.

When we do Commercial Cleaning Bidding we get scared to bid enough because it sounds scary, but businesses don’t look at it like a homeowner would, they are just looking at it as a line on their profit and loss.

Usually cleaning is less than 1% of their whole budget. Don’t scare yourself into underbidding a job and then it costs you hundreds of dollars to service that account.

Hear why Mike advises against going in trying to “act professional and trying to show the customer how smart you are”

The customer isn’t really interested in the minuta, you should be talking about their pain, what keeps them up at night, why they want/need a cleaner. The customer should be doing most of the talking.

Stop talking about number of toilets and number of square feet and start asking them about their pain and letting them talk and listen!

Before you give a bid, you need to have the budget conversation.

If you get their budget for 5k and you bid for 1.5k you are going to lose that job because you are going to sound like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Then when you present the budget you can go in with good, better and best you can give them options within their budget.

Also having a good better and best you delineate what you will and won’t do ahead of time so there isn’t that misunderstanding later with adding more and more work.

Kishwar rocks the Lightning Round
Stop putting higher expectations on other people that myself
Underbidding and not doing my research before doing the job – Not understanding the kinds of chemicals I was working with
Be organized

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