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Episode 355

Closing the Deal as a Non-Salesperson: 355 : Christy Gray


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Episode 355 – Closing the Deal as a Non-Salesperson

Today we’re talking with Christy from Injoy Cleaning Company!

Christy admits that she’s not a salesperson and struggles with closing the deal with prospective clients. She’s wondering, what techniques can she use to close more contracts?

It’s important to realize that nobody is a sales person. Just as we learn to walk and talk, we can learn how to make a sale. Where I see most cleaning company owners shy away is in thinking they have to make somebody do something they don’t want to do to close the deal.

This isn’t true.

Being a good salesperson means you are good at helping people. If you are good at helping people it means you are doing three things:

You are understanding your customers pain.

You are communicating back to the customer you understand their pain, better than anybody else has before.

You are helping them for free, in someway.

Resource Alert:

If you need an example of this, look at the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast. What I do is give you free value and that turns into a six figure plus business.

This is what it means to be an expert marketer. You don’t have to be sleazy, you have to be helpful. If you are helpful, your prospective customers are happy to come to you over anybody else and then to give you their money.

This resource alert is a perfect example of this.

Resource Alert:

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Don’t take anything personally. If a customer cancels, there is always another one down the road.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Putting her money into something that she wasn’t knowledgable about.

What is your favorite book?

The E-Myth: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What To Do About It by Michael Gerber

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