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Episode 433

Close More Bids for Your Cleaning Company : Episode 433 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 433 – Close More Bids for Your Cleaning Company

The ability to differentiate between good and bad bids, and then follow up and close the proper bids is one of the things that is going to either make or break your business. That’s why today Mike is here to cover what makes a potential good bid as well as some ways that you can increase the amount of those bids that actually get closed.

The first misconception we are going to cover today is the idea that you have to cater to every need that every bid could ever want. If you ever find yourself on a “bid” with a bunch of other people, you may not actually be doing yourself or your company justice by spending your time there. Chances are bids like that are just going to go with the lowest price point anyways. Knowing when bids are worth it is an essential skill when trying to take your company to the next level- You never have to accept a bid just because it is there!

Another misconception that Mike has heard countless times, is that it’s rude to talk about money. In reality it’s important to discuss the money side of things, and if they trust you and understand that you have knowledge about their pain and how to fix it than this will become a lot easier.

One of the things that is often overlooked while making bids is how you set the appointment. If you set the appointment wrong, with the expectation that you’re just going to go out while they explain what you need to clean, than you’re not being as effective as you could be while bidding. It’s important that you set ground rules for what’s going to happen before you go on the bid. As an example, here are some of the things that Mike would make are understood before going on the bid: Undivided attention, All decision makers present, etc. Getting the right bids, and how you set up the appointment is half the battle.

Another concept that many people don’t fully grasp the importance of is setting clear next steps. If you can display that you truly understand and can ease their pain, and are within their budget, than you should close the deal right then, if not Mike suggests having a second plan available at a lower price point with more limited options or less frequent cleanings.

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If there is just one concept that you take away from this, remember to focus on your clients pain. While on bids all of your competitors are going to focus on what they can clean and how well they can clean it, but what is so much more important to your clients is easing pain. For instance, on the residential side, this could be something like a mother who spends all day at work just to come home and have to clean, or on the commercial side this could be a pain that is specific to your niche.

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