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Episode 102

Cleaning Supply Vendors: Episode 102: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 102 – Cleaning Supply Vendors

Cleaning Supply Vendors
In today’s episode Mike coaches relatively newbie, Rudy Abate, from Nuovo Cleaning Company on where the best place to where the best cleaning supply vendors are.

Rudy has been spending her time going to multiple places trying to get the best deals on products and equipment but what she really needs is to shift her focus on how she spends her time and learn the hidden benefits to using the right cleaning supply vendors.

As an entrepreneur you need to decide if you are going to be running a business or doing $10/hour tasks. If you are committed to owning and running your business, it just doesn’t make sense to spend any of your time making your own products, driving all over town to save $3 on cleaner or searching all over the internet for days for the best deal on a backpack.

That said, you also don’t want to pay retail for your product, always buy wholesale.

BONUS TIP: Find a local janitorial supply company in your area and shop exclusively with them.

What you are really looking for is a relationship with that vendor. They are going to be able to help you with so much more than buying supplies in bulk.

It’s possible to set up where they come and check your supplies once a week or month and automatically replenish what you need or let you know when a good deal on a used piece of equipment becomes available.

Of course it’s difficult to get a vendor interested in doing you special favors if you’re only spending $200/mo on supplies, but it’s downright impossible if you’re splitting that budget over several vendors.

Go to your vendor and tell them that you will stick with them as long as they treat you well, now when you’re little and later when you’re a big deal.

Often times they can even help you with finding talent when they become available. They are a hub for all sorts of people in the cleaning world so their input and recommendations are valuable.

Tell them, I know I’m little, I know you have bigger customers than you but I need help!

Typically they will definitely help you if you ask them.

If you are new to the cleaning world, you might not even know what you need and if you go to a retailer like costco, they can’t really help you since they don’t specialize in cleaning. But a local supplier can help you get stocked with the right equipment from the get go.

Rudy lights it up in the Lightning Round

Never think you aren’t good enough or cheapen yourself because you’re new

Don’t buy supplies from multiple places trying to save a buck

DOn’t think that word of mouth is better than social media or visa versa

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