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Episode 222

Cleaning Services Marketing Plan For Your Customer List: Episode 222: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 222 – Cleaning Services Marketing Plan For Your Customer List

Wondering What to do with Your List of Current and Prospective Customers?
Create an Effective Cleaning Services Marketing Plan
Today Mike coaches Dan Moreno, owner of – Shine Bright Clean on creating a cleaning services marketing plan for his customer list of 600. Dan wants to know how to maximize his customer list to expand his business, educate them on all he offers and ultimately grow into residential cleaning services. If you want to see a blog Mike wrote about growing a cleaning company then check that out and then come back when done.

The way you go about it is not to tell people what you do because they aren’t interested in. People don’t buy from you when they understand what you do, they buy when they know you understand what they need.

So how do you find out what they want? – ask!

What’s going on in your life?
Why do you want to hire a cleaning service?
How will this make your life better?
If you offer residential cleaning, they don’t want to pay you to send strangers into their home. Even if you tell them how nice the strangers are and how you’re insured, how they pack green cleaning supplies, etc..

What they do want, is more time. Maybe they’re cleaning themselves and they want more time, or they’re too old and want a sense of pride in their environment. You are there to solve a problem for them and that is to give them time back to do things they want to do.

KEY POINT: TIME is the only non-renewable resource and you are selling it
It’s important that you understand with your cleaning services marketing plan what your message is. When you go to a car dealership and the second you open your door you have a sales person telling you all about their cars, how awesome they are and what deals they have. But what you really want is someone to ask you what’s going on, why you are there, what is wrong with your current car?

Your customer is interested in talking about themselves and their lives, not you and your company. The way you do that is by engaging them in conversation. The way you engage them in conversation is by asking them questions and listening.

If you have a list of 600 people like Dan, you have an amazing opportunity to reach out to them as a family and engage them in conversation.

Ask them about themselves, find out what’s important to them. Consider asking these questions:

If you have a magic wand to solve one problem in your life what would it be? – Everyone that shares their issue, I will email you back and let you know what other people said.
What is the #1 cleaning issue you wish we could fix?
What the one thing we could do to make you buy everything we did?
Whats the one thing we could do to make you hate us and leave a bad review on yelp?

KEY POINT: Engaging your audience often is key
How often should you be engaging your list with your cleaning services marketing plan? Believe it or not they are less likely to unsubscribe if you email them more often. If they don’t remember who you are or why you’re emailing them they are much more likely to unsubscribe.

The most frequency suggested is daily (mon-fri), but that’s a lot of work to find great content for. The min would be weekly. You can email them as often as daily as long as you have something interesting or of worth to them!

Customers get burned out on email lists not because you email them too often but because the stuff you’re emailing them isn’t valuable or interesting to them. It is absolutely crucial that you make sure you are sending them interesting and relevant content and NOT selling them 90% of the time.

KEY POINT: Be interesting TO THEM!
“Buy now!”, “We’re doing a sale”, “Check out how awesome we are “ARE NOT GOOD THINGS TO EMAIL THEM ABOUT. Find out what’s interesting to the list of 600 people you have and email them about it. If you wanted to go daily you don’t have to come up with the content yourself. You can link to things that you think they would find interesting. It could be a quote, a news story, all built into your cleaning services marketing plan.

Picking a niche is good, if your niche is stay at home moms who love trump, send out an email about how sick you are of all the Trump bashing. If your list is mostly conservative, go the other way! Whatever you can do to provide interesting content to your list to cultivate an ongoing relationship. If they’re 50/50 take a poll and ask people’s opinions on something he did.

KEY POINT: You have to know your audience
There are 2 ways to use your email list:

Broadcast email, a 1 time email you send on something topical or seasonal
It’s cinco de mayo, heres a special for your cinco de mayo party
It’s hot out there, here’s something fun for you and your kids to do to stay cool
Here’s how to put your kids to work cleaning your house
Automated email sequence that starts every time someone is added to the list
Everyone gets the same email sequence when they sign up
Needs to be evergreen content
You write them once and get value forever
A good open rate for an warm list is 30% . Of that list of those people who open your email, a good % for people to click on something in your email 2-4%. Make sure you are tracking your opens and clicks, most CRMs will give you those stats. It’s important to know how each email is received so you can fine tune them and make them better as time goes on.

RESOURCE ALERT: Mike uses aWeber for a free CRM service
Now that you know how to effectively communicate to your customer list with a cleaning services marketing plan, get out there and start growing your cleaning business!

Finally, Dan kills it in the…

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Pick a marketing system and go deep with it.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Trying to do too many marketing venues at the same time.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

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