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Episode 036

Cleaning Services Hiring : Episode 036: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 036 – Cleaning Services Hiring

Cleaning Services Hiring

Just starting out in the cleaning biz?? Wondering when you need to start worrying about cleaning services hiring?


If you have questions on when to start delegating tasks and your cleaning services hiring you have come to the right place.


If you start by doing everything yourself with no employees or partners you should be building cash pretty quick. Mike breaks it down for Tiffany on where to find the capital to start hiring and why you need to delegate those tasks ASAP.


Learn why you want to be doing “everything” as little as possible.


BONUS TIP: The first trick is to identify $10/hr, $50/hr and $100/hr work


Cleaning is $10/hr work


If you’re cleaning there’s no way, even if you’re the best cleaner that ever lived will ever be doing $100/hr work.


Let’s delve into this further and say that now you are not doing $10/hr tasks but now you are managing cleaners, that is still like $20/hr but definitely never $100/hr work.


If you are saying to yourself,  you can’t afford to not do the $10/hr jobs but then simultaneously saying because you are doing the 10$/hr jobs you can’t be doing the 100$/hr jobs, it costs you 90$/hr!


BONUS MATH: An account that you charge $500/mo for, over the course of a five year contract earns you roughly 30k.  If that takes you 3 hours to manage that contract its $10k an hour!


Mike then talks about the biggest mistakes owners make when they are no longer “doing the cleaning” and how that mistake can cost them the most in time and revenue.


He goes over what you absolutely shouldn’t be doing and what you as the owner cannot afford not to do.


Of course moving from doing everything to only the $100/hr tasks isn’t an overnight transformation. But Mike goes into depth about how to make that shift mentally and strategically.


If you are cleaning, who’s running the business?If you saw the pilot of a plane cleaning the bathroom you would be worried about who’s flying the plane?


Knowing when your business is about to die isn’t as easy as knowing when a customer is upset and ready to stop service. But it’s even more crucial to be paying attention to it.


Because it’s easy for the $10/hr tasks to get on fire, you get so used to going fire to fire you forget to create systems for your business. Hear how to avoid this common mistake.


As the owner it’s your job to make sure the right person is doing the right job.


Finally Tiffany lays some wisdom down in the Lightning round


Treat your cleaning staff as if they are the product that you are selling to people- invest in making sure they are a quality product

Don’t try to spend all of your time and energy trying to figure out a bidding calculator when on a time crunch to bidding a new job

Know how to sell yourself when talking to the client

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