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Episode 133

Cleaning Service Agreements: Episode 133: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 133 – Cleaning Service Agreements

Can Cleaning Service Agreements Make Your Life Easier?
Today Mike chats with Cintia Leone,owner of Clean n Tidy by Terry about cleaning service agreements and how to get rid of last minute cancellations. You can connect with Cintia and her team at

Do you ever have to deal with client cancellations and no shows? Stressed out about how to deal with the time and money that is costing your cleaning company? Read on and discover how to solve both those problems AND increase your cleaning companies cashflow!!

The REAL Problem…
So many owners of cleaning companies think they are exchanging dollars for time. This is the LEAST profitable cleaning business model. Owners of cleaning companies get paid to solve problems. We are giving customers the most important thing any person can give another… TIME.

When you shift the value proposition from cleaning toilets for a couple bucks an hour to redeeming time for them and their family you move from commodity to hero! With this new relationship you can stop charging by the hour and charge them to solve the problem. The way you do this is to charge them monthly. This makes both your and your clients life simpler (saving them even more time).

Not only do you charge monthly- you charge them for the upcoming month. NOT for X hours of cleaning but to create a specific result in their lives. This changes the dynamic from you begging to charge them when they stand you up to you getting paid up front and if they don’t show up, or miss a cleaning it doesn’t affect your pay.

KEY POINT: Stop Charging Hourly and Start Charging to Create a RESULT in Your Customer’s Life!
I know many of you get scared around having this conversation with your customers. The reality is, Mike has coached many owners of cleaning companies through this transition and it ALWAYS goes easier than they think it will. More than 80% won’t have any problem with this at all. The minority that do have a problem are typically the clients that are having a hard time paying and often end up as bad debt which can kill a cleaning company.

So Where do Cleaning Service Agreements Come in?

Notice we said “Service Agreement” (not scary) as opposed to “Contract” (scary). The trick to creating a Cleaning Service Agreement is to realize that you will just about NEVER have to use one of these in court (listen to the podcast to find out why). In light of that fact- don’t make them long and boring and scary. Make your cleaning service agreement light and easy- dare I say fun??

The main things you need to cover in your Cleaning Service Agreement are:

What is and is not included in your service
The price
Payment terms
What happens when they don’t show up or cancel last minute
Remember to write your service agreement in easy to understand, every day language.

BONUS LOVIN: Offer premium service levels that cost more and include things your customers often ask you to do
Speaking of how to bid properly, HERE is an amazing podcast on how to bid effectively. Want even more? You got it! CLICK HERE for an ENTIRE video playlist ALL on bidding! Don’t forget to Subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss ANY of the good stuff!!

Last, but certainly not least it’s the…

Lightning Round:

Question #1- What is the best advice you have ever received?

“Never to be afraid to ask for help”

Question #2: What is the biggest mistake you have ever made in the cleaning business?

“Be clear what you will and will not do up front, I got caught doing more and more in jobs..”

Question #3: What would you tell the ‘Build your cleaning business community’ that they could implement today?

“Take Action, don’t wait to do things”
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