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Episode 030

Cleaning Marketing Ideas: Episode 030: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 030 – Cleaning Marketing Ideas

Cleaning Marketing Ideas
Need cleaning marketing ideas?
Our faithful host Mike Campion talks with Marleen Swoboda- cleaning industry veteran of thirty eight years about cleaning marketing ideas. Marleen shares some of her experience as owner of Mars Cleaning Service ( before Mike jumps in with the good stuff on marketing your cleaning business.

You will discover why “branding” isn’t the solution for your cleaning company and how it can cost you money, but never fear, Mike gives the answer of THE way to market your cleaning company.

Just when you start feeling smart- Mike brings in the big guns with a mini rant on tracking and lays down the law- if you aren’t tracking, you are totally unprepared to grow your business.

Ever put your phone number on a company vehicle? Want to know the right way to optimize those marketing dollars? Listen in and get the tricks of the trade and the best way to make those vehicles an income source instead of the money suck they are now.

HINT: You gotta understand where people are when they see your vehicles and match your call to action to their reality

BONUS HINT: People care about themselves- you are way down on the list…

And that is not all- you will also discover why matching your message to your market is crucial to your success, not to mention how to pick the right media for that perfect market.

Still not listening? Tough crowd… Check out these bullet points to get you on board:

How much to spend on marketing
How to make sure you can always afford it
The costly fairytale of I am going to grow my company with no marketing
GREAT QUOTE: “If you believe advertising costs too much money, you will find the money to advertise for your “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” sale

MIND BLOW: Advertising is only expensive if it doesn’t work!! If you are getting a positive return on your marketing, your budget is unlimited

Once Mike takes a breath and gives Marleen a chance, they move right into the Lightening Round and Marleen flexes her cleaning business muscles and explains how to:

Have a sense of humor
Love what you do
Don’t just take- give back, especially to your customers
Believe it or not, Mike has even MORE marketing ideas for your cleaning company and you can get em here:


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