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Episode 033

Cleaning Company Website Design: Episode 033: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 033 – Cleaning Company Website Design

Cleaning Company Website Design
Anyone out there ever confused about how cleaning company website design? Have a hard time wading through all the information out there? The good, the bad and the ugly?

Rest easy dear friend, our hero Mike Campion chats it up with Cinderella Bermudez on how to keep your cleaning company website design bringing your customers without spending way too much time, money and headache!

Cinderella pines for the “good ole days” when customers would actually take the time to have a conversation, learn about you and your company instead of wanting to do everything online. But Mike points out some light at the end of the technology tunnel.

INDUSTRY HAPPINESS: You can’t outsource cleaning to India

Minds are blown as Mike shares the benefits of creating systems around getting customers up to speed about all of the unique value your company brings to the universe (or at least your town…).

As customers get busier and busier, it can get harder and harder to get the almighty time and attention- but Mike shares how to turn this scary reality into a secret weapon for your cleaning company.

HINT: It’s tough to build a seven figure cleaning business if you are talking to all of your customers

First Mike shares how your cleaning companies website and it’s design and layout can do so much of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to prospects and customers. Next comes the age old problem of different customers having different experiences with and opinions of your company based on who they talked to and how well trained that person was and if they were having a good day or a bad day.

Don’t’ despair- Mike shares the solution around how to make sure ALL of your customers get the PERFECT message EVERY TIME!

Listen in for the full scoop, but a little hint to get you started is- understand your customers pain- this is non negotiable if you really want to grow your cleaning company.

HINT: Price is rarely your customers REAL pain and is NEVER their COMPLETE pain

BONUS LOVE: Find out how (and why) to do an I/ You count on your website…

Before Mike shuts down the spigot of knowledge around cleaning company website design we talk about the magic of video. It is easy to do and so underused in the cleaning industry but you have to know how to create video RIGHT- listen in and discover how!!

I guess what we are trying to say here is quit reading and listen in already!! Find out how your cleaning companies website can be a HUB of communication making sure EVERY customer gets your PERFECT message about who you are and how you can help them.

Still here? Ok, I’ll keep talking…

Mike goes on to cover the basics on how to know who to work with to make your website design dreams come true for your cleaning company.

HINT: Don’t choose a web designer based on how beautiful all of their other website are

Don’t even think about throwing any more money down the black hole of website design before you listen to this website and get the tools to know how to hire someone that will make you money instead of stroking your ego!!

Heck if you really want to go crazy, have your web developer listen to this episode so you can be on the same page. If they argue about these concepts and don’t want to be held accountable, grab your wallet and run!!

BONUS LOVIN: Beware the “Free Estimate” trap- you may say free estimate, but your prospect hears waste time with our sales guy…

Of course Mike doesn’t leave you hanging, but instead explains how to actually get your cleaning company website to engage with prospects and turn them into leads!!

And just so all is right with the world, Mike and Cinderella hit a solid lightning round. Check out the highlights:

You can be your own worst enemy
Trust your employees
Don’t fire angry
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