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Episode 194

Cleaning Company Software: Episode 194: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 194 – Cleaning Company Software - Cleantelligent

Cleaning Company Software Deep Dive
Can cleaning company software help with lack of ability to communicate customer needs with employees? Employee needs and feedback with your company?

Today Mike hosts Courtland Driggs with CleanTelligent as a guest expert in cleaning company software. CleanTelligent’s CEO was running the family cleaning business in the 90’s and was having a hard time managing work flow, client needs and employee communication.

Requests were getting lost and customers weren’t happy.The CEO looked for cleaning company software to help. Nothing existed. In 2003 CleanTelligent cleaning company software was born!

So how can that help you and your company? I thought you would never ask… let’s start with…

Client Communication
The key here is consistency. The two mistakes I see owners making most often are:

Communicating a ton one month and not at all the next
Ignoring customers until there is a problem
The problem with both is it takes a lot of time and stress and creates unhappy customers ready to be stolen by the competition. When you have systematic, intentional communication with your customers, they are going to let you know when there is a problem instead of just wandering off.

KEY POINT: It is miles cheaper and easier to keep a current client happy than to find a new one
Courtland shares a story of a cleaning company that heard nothing from a particular client for months. Seemingly out of the blue, their customer blows up over a paperclip being left on the ground. The reality was a lot of small problems were building under the surface and it came to a head with a single paperclip.

There are a couple of ways you as the owner of a cleaning company can respond to this. You can throw up your hands, call your client’s crazy and unreasonable, but that is not going to help you grow your cleaning company. Or…

You could create a client communication system (this is where the magic cleaning company software comes into play). Not only should this system cover client communication, but your cleaning company software should also provide…

You probably know you should be doing weekly or monthly inspections. The problem is, it can be hard to keep track of who needs to be inspected when. Once you have done the inspection, what do you do with that data? How do you communicate it with your clients?

This is where cleaning company software can help make the process easy so you can actually implement these best practices. This gives you the opportunity to show your client how well you are doing and that you are on top of things.

Good cleaning company software should be able to segment accounts. This allows you to have a different inspection/ reporting schedule for your $500/ mo accounts than your $5,000/ mo accounts.

When you really want to get fancy, you can send out client surveys to identify small problems before they become customer losing problems. Once you have communication with your customers, quality control and surveys in place, cleaning company software can help you with…

Another situation where owners fall into one of two categories.

Don’t want to talk to them, deal with them and if there’s any issues they will just replace them with the next terrible human being
Employees are my best friends! We talk all the time and have no boundaries…
RESOURCE ALERT: More in depth discussion on communicating with your employees HERE

In order to avoid either of these situations in your company you need to know two things.

Are they doing their job well? Do they know what is expected
Do your employees to know who is responsible for helping the client when requests come in?
A good cleaning company software like CleanTelligent allows you to have internal notes, assigning people to different requests along with reporting so you know what’s going on, and who’s responsible.

Cleaning company software can allow you to have forms, preferences and communications with all of your customers in one centralized location:

Control who can access what
Use that data to make your company run smoothly
Make notes of birthdays, favorite sports teams or special events & use that intel to surprise and delight your clients.
Mike talks about The McKay 66 Customer Profile. A database of 66 detailed bits of information on any client or prospect to help you know and serve them better than your competition.

RESOURCE ALERT: You can check out The McKay 66 HERE
Sure you can make a bunch of notes with cleaning company software, but so much of what we do is…

Courtland shares that CleanTelligent allows you to keep a record of all of your emails in the customer file. You can set it up so any emails you receive from a certain customer, will be recorded in that customers file.

You can also send notifications of upcoming jobs, request updates and follow up sequences via email.

Whether or not you use Cleantelligent or some other cleaning company software, all of these systems and processes should be happening within your company. This article has the potential to change your business forever- but only if you take action!

As you grow companies will require different levels of software services.

RESOURCE ALERT: Listen in to our episode with Cheryl from Chronotek on GPS tracking and much more
No matter what level you are at, the key is systems.

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