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Episode 445

Cleaning Company Marketing System for EVERY Budget (Even Free) : Episode 445 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 445 – Cleaning Company Marketing System for EVERY Budget (Even Free)

Mike has spoken to a lot of different people from all over the world, and a common theme he has noticed is people saying that they feel like they’ve got a lot of potential that they’re not living up to. If you’re like them, you may have great reviews,  loving customers, and be providing a great service, but you just aren’t getting the results that you want. This can leave many people with the incorrect impression that you need a lot of revenue to be able to grow your company, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth, and today Mike is here to show you how you can have a marketing system for every budget. 

There are two main reasons that can be halting your potential growth, the first of which is when the owner is too busy physically cleaning themselves to focus on the growth of their company.  There is the misconception that if you stop cleaning, then you won’t have the money to put back into growing your company, which is true if you spend the time that you previously spent cleaning doing nothing, but if you’re taking that time to set up systems that are always working for you and your company, you’ll find that growth with naturally follow. Mike has covered this extensively in the past, but we will briefly cover it here.  You want to make sure that you are always hiring, and having group interviews throughout the month, then from the pool of those employees, you can take the best ones on for a one on one interview, and then for a working interview. Having a steady stream of good employees, with a strong list of employees that you can take on in the future in the event of either losing a current employee, or needing more employees when you take on more clients can insure that you don’t have to worry about cleaning, and can instead focus on working on your company, rather than in it. 

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Many members of cleaning nation have tried marketing once, and when it didn’t work sworn of marketing forever. But the truth is, that doesn’t mean marketing doesn’t work. A majority of the time marketing fails because of one of three things. Either you weren’t marketing to the right people, you didn’t say the right thing, or it wasn’t the right medium. Knowing the in’s and out’s of your niche, who they are, what pain you can solve, where you can reach them, etc. is an essential part of successful marketing campaign. You will want to make your ads core value centric, and focus mainly on what your company is and what pain of their you can solve. You will find that if your campaign follows these guidelines and is genuine that the response will improve vastly. 

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