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Episode 023

Cleaning Company Hiring: Episode 023: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 023 – Cleaning Company Hiring

Cleaning Company Hiring
Cleaning company hiring can be a challenge . In a business with a higher than average employee turnover, knowing how to find and keep the best employees is crucial.

If you want to grow your cleaning business and have employees that you LOVE, you are in the right place! Listen in as Mike Campion from Grow My Cleaning Company chats with Marsha Hays from Clear View Janitorial:

and discover how she grew from her husband running a small window cleaning to a fully diversified janitorial, duct, carpets and more cleaning company with 14 employees.

Marsha realized that her cleaning company hiring and employee turnover is one of the biggest costs to her company and called Mike for help. We figure out:

How can you legally ask employees if they are physically able to do the work?
How to make sure the people you hire are the best for your company?
It is possible to stemm high employee turnover?
We all know that employee turnover is difficult in business, but it can go to a whole new level of awful in the cleaning business! Listen in and find out how to improve your cleaning company hiring and cut that employee turnover drastically.

Enjoy Mike rocking topics like:

Where to find your BEST employee prospects
The cheapest easiest ways to find the GOOD employees
Company culture and Core Values
How being clear with your Core Values can make your employees love you and your life happy
Why the hiring ads you are writing now probably don’t work and what to do about it
The key to the whole operation is KNOWING what your ideal employee looks like and what type of employee’s typically DON’T work out. When you know where your good employees hang out, you can advertise in the RIGHT place, with the RIGHT message to only the BEST people!

BONUS: Rookie cleaners use but when you start hiring more and more, you are going to want to use something like

How different do you think your message will be if you are looking for a hispanic single mom vs. a caucasian college student? Do you think they will look for jobs in different places?

We also talk about best practices in the hiring process and how you can benefit from the Three By Three rule of hiring and how to “try before you buy” when it comes to employees. To unlock success in your cleaning business, when it comes to employees- HAVE A SYSTEM!

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