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Episode 094

Cleaning Company Employees: Episode 094: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 094 – Cleaning Company Employees

Cleaning Company Employees
In today’s episode Mike coaches April Reynolds of Apelila’s In and Out Cleaning on Cleaning Company Employees.

April’s business and world was rocked by a bad employee that messed up accounts, stole and lied. Now she’s trying to put back the pieces and build her business and reputation back.

Mike acknowledges what he says is easier said than done and then dispenses with the mindset she needs to have to get through it.

BONUS TIP: That bad Cleaning Company Employee chooses to do the damage they do, but you get to choose how it affect you.

You have control over is how much time, money and passion you are going to use to respond to the damage control.

So once you’ve dealt with the emergency stuff you had to deal with, that’s it, don’t put any more energy into her.

Mike then moves on to figuring out what went wrong and how to ensure that it does not happen again.

In April’s case this Cleaning Company Employees came from a good referral, but clearly that wasn’t enough. A referral was a really good start but sometimes good people do bad things and bad people do good things.

BONUS TIP: Choose systems over employees as your failsafe.

You never want “people” running your company, but we are always going to depend on people but we want systems to really be what they run on.

If they are making decisions based on what they think you’re setting yourself up for disaster. If there are systems up they will know how to run the company in your absence.

Then you can set up checks and balances in reports so you know where you company is at all time, It also lets you know if that employee is out of whack right away.

Like a fire drill you want to have a system on how to get rid of problem employees before they become a real problem.

You should be getting reports daily to run the company reports KPI(key performance indicators)

The second side to combating bad Cleaning Company Employees is shared employee values

You have to know your core values inside and out, live them, be them, execute them in your sleep

But just knowing them isn’t going to fix it, you need to implement them. The good thing about that is you can start at any time.

Don’t let the past keep you from making that switch and heading in a positive direction moving forward.
Take the things that you know and move them to make action

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