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Episode 1054

Cleaning Company Client Acquisition Strategies and More of Your Questions Answered! : Episode 1054


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Episode 1054 – Cleaning Company Client Acquisition Strategies and More of Your Questions Answered!

Mike Campion dives deep into the world of client acquisition for cleaning companies. Joining him on this episode, taken from a Facebook Live broadcast, is Lindsay Bjorklund co-hosting.
Seeking Big Commercial Jobs, Lindsay kicks off the podcast by addressing a common theme: acquiring big commercial clients like Starbucks and Target. Mike advises identifying your perfect prospect, understanding their pain points, and effectively communicating solutions. For large accounts, the pain often lies in the need for a national provider. Mike suggests adapting your approach to fit these criteria or considering a new niche.

The Power of Postcards and Door Hangers

Zain from Facebook raises an intriguing question about the effectiveness of postcards and door hangers for cleaning companies. Mike stresses the significance of understanding your perfect prospect’s pain and crafting compelling messages. He cautions against overlooking the message itself, emphasizing the need for a targeted approach.

Unearthing Innovative Marketing Strategies

Porchlight Property Opportunities sparks curiosity about unconventional marketing strategies. Mike, with his characteristic wit, delves into the essence of goal-setting. He encourages businesses to focus on goals, leads, bids, and sales rather than seeking novelty for its own sake.

The Office Dilemma: To Lease or Not to Lease?

Haley from Facebook presents a shift in focus by seeking advice on office space. Mike shares his perspective, urging caution when considering long-term leases for non-essential office spaces. He suggests alternatives like co-working spaces or renting by the hour for meetings and supply pick-ups.
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