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Episode 155

Cleaning Company Associations: Episode 155: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 155 – Cleaning Company Associations

Today we make cleaning sexy again with Cleaning Company Associations and special guest Warren Jacobs. Warren is the current President of the CSSA (Canadian Sanitary Supply Association) and owner of MCL Green Sustainable Solutions. He shares some of his wisdom from several decades of experience as a sanitations supply vendor and president of the CSSA. His mission is to educate owners of cleaning companies, help them gain access to the latest and greatest in cleaning technology and bring them together in fun and innovative ways. Warren explains that the CSSA shares many of the same values as the ISSA (a worldwide company cleaning association). Both associations promote the importance of educating staff and clients on improved performance, liability and sickness through cleaning. They also work to raise public awareness about how a clean environment can improve their lives and protect their families. So what’s the difference between the CSSA and the ISSA you ask? The CSSA specializes in helping owners of Canadian cleaning companies with challenges unique to Canada. Different climate and culture can create different cleaning needs which the CSSA addresses. Don’t fret, if you aren’t Canadian, they will still welcome you in with open arms! BONUS LOVIN: CLICK HERE to check out Mike’s interview with Hannah Kennedy from the ISSA. Warren explains the CSSA helps owners of cleaning companies grow by improving their overall efficiency. It is a place where you can keep up with the latest technology from mobile tracking apps all the way to robotic auto scrubbers. Within the coffers of the CSSA, you will discover everything you need to stay ahead of the competition and keep on the cutting edge of industry technology and certifications. Memberships are relatively low cost (around $200 a year) and when weighed against the tremendous value you get from the association it’s a no brainer. One of the best kept secret benefits to being a CSSA member is the relationships you build. The most successful people in any given industry tend to be in associations. They take the time to go to the events, meet vendors, distributors and all other related people. Those connections can be invaluable when it comes to landing that big contract or getting the best deals. Looking for an amazing opportunity to grow, learn, get certified and even have a little fun?? In addition to education, staying on top of the newest technology and trends, cleaning company associations offer events. Not only are they great opportunities to learn and grow, but to have fun, network and recharge your enthusiasm. CSSA’s next big event is Can Clean 2017 screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-9-11-29-am Want more info on the Can Clean? Get everything you want to know by clicking on this link and downloading the official Can Clean 2017 packet canclean-2017-with-innovation-comes-change Its coming up in May and is free to members of the CSSA. If you are looking for a great reason to Toronto, this is it! You will meet industry experts like Warren, get top quality education and get you and your staff certified- all for free! BONUS LOVIN: There was even mention of a complimentary cocktail event! Events can be tough to get to as it often requires leaving your business or even family. Not to mention travel expenses and time away from work and no one likes those tiny seats on airplanes. But, the reality is, you will come back smarter, energized and ready to dive back into your business full of new ideas! In addition, many powerful business relationships are forged over dinner, drinks and cool events at these industry trade shows. You don’t want to pass this opportunity up! If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to network and learn, the Can Clean 2017 is the place and time to do it. Sadly all things must come to an end.. and now even though Warren has already given a ton of great insight, Mike invites him to give even more in the…

Lightning Round:

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Savor every minute.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Lack of focus.

Can you share one idea people can use to improve their lives or businesses TODAY?

Use technology a little more.
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