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Episode 045

Cleaning Business Website : Episode 045: Mike Campion LIVE


Episode 045 – Cleaning Business Website

Cleaning Business Website

Today is a special episode of the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast. Mike brings in the big guns with John Ayers of Regenuity to bring Cleaning Nation up to speed on how to do your cleaning business website RIGHT!

We totally understand how overwhelming all of the noise out there can be with different information about the best way to create, maintain, drive and convert traffic to your cleaning company’s website and today John breaks all of that down and more just for you!

We start with the obvious- your cleaning company NEEDS a website and move on to how to do that right and how to get both paid and organic traffic to that site and just as important- how to convert that traffic into leads for your cleaning business.

BONUS LOVIN:  If your website doesn’t communicate what YOUR specific, target audience wants to hear- you are done before you start

Don’t fall for the age old trap of listening to a web developer who wants to make “pretty websites” that look like a million bucks, but don’t speak to your prospects and don’t convert visitors into prospects, bids and customers.

Here are just a couple of the key points John shares:

Tell your customer why and how you are different and why they should care

Use lots of images- but NOT stock photos

You MUST have a clear, solid Call to Action (NOT the old, tired “call for a free estimate”)

Another foundational point is to make your cleaning companies website about your customer- their hopes, dreams, fears and pain!

Once you discover the basics around how to create an effective cleaning business website, Mike asks John about the much talked about, sometimes scary SEO- Search Engine Optimization.

Some of the basic factors you will discover affect your SEO rankings:

How long people stay

What they do on your site

Listen in and find out exactly how to get people to stick around once they arrive at your site.

Another big topic is keywords. John explains how to pick the keywords you want to rank for and how they can bring you traffic.

BONUS LOVIN: SEO is not about instant gratification- it can take months to start getting the big results

John also shares a secret weapon that works exceptionally well for cleaning business websites.

Here is a quick overview that will get you started:

Start with a strong website

Figure out what keywords your users are going to be searching for

Focus locally

Have clean, understandable content

Pick the keywords you want to rank for

John also dives into how you can use Social Media with your cleaning business website to supercharge their effects.

Before the fun ends, Mike asks John about paid traffic (PPC- Pay Per Click) for your cleaning companies website.

Listen in and learn how to get the most bang for your buck on paid traffic as well as how to combine paid and organic traffic to get the best result for your cleaning business website.

HOT TIP: Consider directing paid traffic to a landing page instead of your home page- listen in and discover how!

Once you get the pieces to this puzzle right, your website can be a steady stream of qualified leads.

As this happens, you are going to start getting more and more bids from your businesses website. When you do check out THIS PODCAST on how to bid on cleaning jobs.

If you listen to this episode and start to see the potential for your cleaning businesses website, but are also a little overwhelmed. John has an amazing gift for you!

Click HERE for a complimentary 20 minute consult with John to go over YOUR website, your target market, your goals and figure out your best strategy to get where you want to go!!

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