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Episode 080

Cleaning Business- Should You Go All In or Leave: Episode 080: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 080 – Cleaning Business- Should You Go All In or Leave

Should You Go All In or Leave
In today’s episode, Mike coaches Gary Daniels of Valley Forge Environmental Services- Cleaning King of Prussia about wether or not to go all in on your Cleaning Business or not.

There’s always a point as a fledgling entrepreneur that we ask ourselves Should You Go All In or Leave?

You have to ask yourself if you’re willing to let go of the comfort of your “day job” for the risk and reward of being a real business owner.

Ask yourself where you are with your time, energy and health. Can you invest in a new business? Are you willing to or more importantly, do you even want to put in the kind of time an effort to make it happen?

Personally I would rather earn 2-3k from my bed, in home, with time for my family, than making $$$ as a 24/7 business Machine. I learned that the hard way when my first marriage fell apart.

Full disclosure, my advice is very subjective. This may or may not apply best for you. You need to evaluate yourself, because after all, you are the one who knows yourself best!

Choosing a career path (or changing one) is, for most of us, is a confusing and anxiety-riddled experience. Many will tell you to “follow your passion” or “do what you love,” but is that really it? Afterall, we dont want to end up “hating” the job we picked right?

WHY CHOOSING WHICH IS WHICH IS IMPORTANT? – Since so much of our time is spent either at work, traveling to and from work, or thinking about work, it ofcourse plays a huge role in our lives. If you feel bored or unsatisfied with what you do for large parts of the day, it can take a serious toll on your physical and mental health. You may feel burned out and frustrated, anxious, depressed, or unable to enjoy time at home knowing that another workday lays ahead.

A Piece of Advice: “Always Try to Find Value on the Things that You Do.” WHY Do we always value things and people only after we’ve lost them?

If you are unsure, close your eyes for a moment, Try to imagine what you would be without your “boring” job. What can you picture out? Is it worse? Or not? When we reflect on things, we appreciate them. And when we appreciate them, we are thankful that it came into our lives whether big or small.
So get that decision and the cleaning nation is right here to support you!

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