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Episode 022

Cleaning Business Plan : Episode 022: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 022 – Cleaning Business Plan

Cleaning Business Plan

Why YOUR Cleaning Company NEEDS One
Does Your Cleaning company need a cleaning business plan
Mike Campion coaches John Griffin with Basic Green Cleaning Service on systems and how to make a cleaning business plan. Basic Green Cleaning was born out of desperation when the economy was a mess and John couldn’t even get a job as a bus boy. Five years in, John was forced to deal with serious health issues and was unable to run his business for three years.

John returned and understood more than ever the need for a business plan and systems to get more customers and grow his cleaning company.

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John talks about always reading, learning, growing both personally and professionally- something most successful business owners do. He shares one of his favorite books, Michael Gerber’s E-Myth by Michael Gerber. Check it out HERE

Do you run your business in such a way that you will get top dollar when you sell? Remember, every day you don’t sell your business- YOU are buying it! Might as well put your time and money int0 a profitable business that runs smoothly.

Systems enable average employees to produce better than average results and can even weed out the bad hires. When this starts working, you have so much more freedom in your cleaning business.

Don’t miss out on the two MONSTER tactics that Mike used to exit his last two businesses with a 7- figure payday or the difference between working in your business and ON your business. Recognize when you are doing $10/ hour work, $100/ hour work & $1,000/ hour work. Don’t fall into the trap of believing t you can make good money as a small business owner if you spend your days on $10-$20 hour work.

Reclaim $10/ hour work (like cleaning and paying bills) and turn them into $100-$1,000 hour tasks.

Identify when you are working on:

Important but not urgent
Urgent but not important and…
Your worst enemy- not urgent and not important
Learn how to budget time just like money and remember you can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.

The job of the business owner is setting the Mission, Vision and Values, while creating systems to achieve your vision.

Systems are a long term investment and you have to be ok with version 1.0 being awful. Learn how to create a cleaning business plan for the (3) areas EVERY business must master and how to leverage your time- starting with easy things that create high value.

Last but not least, Mike explains how to make a system for making systems:

Identify the problem
Make sure you have employee support
BONUS: Find out the easiest and best way for an employee to really learn something

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