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Episode 739

Cleaning Business Owner Mindset for 2022: “Plan B Will Not Be Me”: Episode 739


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Hi Cleaning Nation! Welcome to the podcast! Today, we have our inhouse mindset Jedi Tracey Thompson here to talk to us about a really common problem we see with our clients. So often, it is the goal to get out of cleaning. They want to hire others to clean so that they can run the business as a CEO. But when things get crazy, they think they have no other option other than to go back into the field. We are here today to make sure that doesn’t ever have to happen again. Listen in to learn how to get out of cleaning once and for all!

First, You Have To Decide

Like so many things in life, never going back into the cleaning field again first takes a decision not to do so. It has to be a decision that is clear and permanent. If you waver or if you have the mentality that if something goes wrong, you’ll fix it by being the one to clean, you’ll be back cleaning every time. You have to decide that when things get tough, rather than doing the default thing, you’ll have a plan for how to avoid ever having to clean again. But it takes work and planning! Not only do you have to have a plan A, you have to have a plan B,C,D, E and F!

Some Ideas For Alternative Plans

This is something we talk about a lot with our members. What are some of the plans B,C,D etc, that people have implemented in their businesses that are working. Some people hire employees who their full time jobs are to fill in for people who can’t make it to work. They are floaters. Like what hospitals do with their nurses. A plan C if none of those floaters are available, can be outside agreements with other service based companies that they will use each others’ staff to fill in in a pinch. Plan D, which isn’t ideal but that’s why it’s plan D, is to move around the cleaning times so that someone can make it.

Hierarchy of Business Value Roles

The biggest thing to realize here, is that when you use your time effectively, you are THE biggest contributing factor to the success of your business. If you think of it like a pyramid with you at the top, the potency of what you are able to do as the leader of your company vs someone who is cleaning pales in comparison. When you place yourself in that place to be able to run a company vs work for a company, that’s where you grow, expand and have the most value.

Final Takeaway: In order to get out of cleaning for good, you HAVE to have a plan B,C,D,E and F!

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