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Episode 137

Cleaning Business Opportunities: Episode 137: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 137 – Cleaning Business Opportunities

Cleaning Business Opportunities
Ever worry about what the future holds for you?
Do you lie awake at night, stressed out that the market is getting flooded with every Tom, Dick and Harry that has a mop and a Wix page undercutting your prices and stealing your clients? Wondering if there really are any more cleaning business opportunities?

Your favorite podcast host Mike Campion talks with a Cleaning Nation member from across the pond.

Mike coaches Alan Trim of New Clean from Cambridge, UK on what the future holds for cleaning companies in any country.

Alan’s family purchased New Clean 8 years ago and Alan got involved just a year and a half ago. New Clean only had two contracts when Alan took over and since then they have grown to 31 cleaning contracts.

So what are the cleaning business opportunities?
Glad you asked!

Mike has bought, built and sold multiple companies over the last 20 years.From construction companies and manufacturing to car dealerships, he’s seen it all. But, Mike specifically chose to serve the cleaning business because he’s a huge fan of the opportunity in this market.

Encouragement for the weary
In all the businesses Mike has been in, the cleaning business is the only one with the opportunity for recurring revenue that comes in at the beginning of each month!

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With so many other businesses you have to deal with the bank, SBA loans and big cashflow issues. Typically, the faster you grow, the more capital you need which increases risk. However, the cleaning business is a different opportunity with much less risk.

In so many businesses, YOU pay for all the materials, labor and overhead UPFRONT. Then, 30-90 days later you (hopefully) get that money back plus a little profit….and that’s when things went smoothly!

CAPTAIN OBVIOUS TIP: You can’t pay payroll with receivables.
However, with the opportunity in the cleaning business, as long as you are billing correctly, your cash flow actually IMPROVES with growth instead of decreases!

That upfront cash flow gives you the opportunity for fast growth and thus, massive cleaning business opportunities.

What does the future hold?
Alan points out that in his home town there is an influx of new people looking to start cleaning businesses. He wonders, with new technology like Uber creating many out of work Taxi drivers flooding the market, is that something to worry about in the cleaning space…

It can certainly feel like you are competing against more and more people who are willing to do the work for a fraction of the cost.But, Mike gives some hope and encouragement with the flip side to that coin…

With higher stress, workload and less patience and free time available, people are stretched too thin, most of all, they have no TIME.

KEY POINT The biggest commodity over the last 20 years that people are investing in is time.
People want microwaves to cook food almost instantly, there’s no time to actually cook anymore.
Netflix is dominating regular cable TV because we don’t have time or the attention to sit through commercials.
Parents work 60 hour weeks to keep their jobs in a very competitive world to stay ahead of bills and have no time left over for family.
Stop trading dollars for hours – Start Selling People TIME!
Cleaning toilets is a low value proposition, and a much harder sell than giving your customers time to do the things they love

What about over-saturation?
First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room, the low barrier for entry.

Low barrier to entry is your best friend when you are starting and your worst enemy when you are established. You can definitely be discouraged if you’re being undercut by some guy with no overhead and a few cleaning supplies.

However, very few people flooding the market, treat the cleaning business like a business.

Consequently, it is easy to compete with them and provide the value to customers that no one else is doing. While they are scrubbing counters for $2/hr, you are creating systems to deliver a superior customer experience!

Hence, after reading this blog and listening to the show you should truly understand what you are providing your customers, TIME.

Now you can tailor and craft your marketing and sales messages to what is important to your customers.

Get out there and crush that competition.

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No podcast/ blog would be complete without the…
Lightening Round
First Question- What is the best advice you have ever received?
– “Just keep going, don’t let yourself get intimidated.”
Second Question – What is the biggest mistake you have ever made?
– “I paid good money for bad leads”
Third Questions – What would you tell the ‘Build your cleaning business community’ that they could implement today?
– “Try to add some sort of credentials to your emails, something that can show that your a trust worthy company that does things the right way”

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