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Episode 090

Cleaning Business Income: Episode 090: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 090 – Cleaning Business Income

Cleaning Business Income
In today’s episode Mike coaches Liviu Ciobanu from DelMarva Cleaning. on how to combat the feast and famine of working in a very seasonal region.

Liviu lives in a town that swells to 100,000 people every summer but come winter there’s only about 20,000 people living there which can be a challenge for his Cleaning Business Income.

They currently work with property managers and vacation rental homes and there are successful people in their area but they’ve been there for 20 years and they don’t have 20 years.

Liviu says he wants 3 crews but Mike says he doesn’t want 3 crews, but the money from the 3 crews. Mike get’s to the root of the issues which is Liviu would like a Cleaning Business Income of $500,000 annually.

BONUS TIP: If there are only 20k people year round that’s still quite a bit of people.

Liviu doesn’t really have too many residential customers, but in order to keep up business annually he needs to be more specific on who he serves.

Mike wouldn’t build a business on vacation rentals because that market is too up and down.

Listen in to where Mike says would be a great market for DelMarva Cleaning to normalize their cleaning business income and achieve their annual revenue goals.

The usual obvious choice is commercial, but In luviu’s town there isn’t a lot of commercial businesses and the businesses aren’t concentrated together like a big city. Logistically making it very difficult to serve only commercial businesses.

So it sounds like residential cleaning is the way to go. But since everything is spread out you might have to go to multiple smaller towns and hire cleaners for those regions.

BONUS TIP: For small town people, without a lot of commercial business; Focus on weekly cleaning services.

He needs to find a niche that can help him to reach his Cleaning Business Income goals.

Listen to the show to see what specific niche Mike recommends Liviu to spend 100% of his marketing efforts towards! You can charge those customers $300/mo and you get 100 customers that would be 360k a year!

So step 1) Pick your niche – residential weekly cleaning 2) change your mindset 3) Listen to other podcast on how to attract clients.

You must eliminate your negative thinking, it’s stopping you from reaching your goals.

Liviu shares the wisdom in the Lightning Round

Don’t worry about making money, find a way to serve more people
Spending a ton of money on marketing you knew wouldn’t bring good returns
Make a plan and find your niche.

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