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Episode 911

Cleaning Business Growth Myths: Episode 911


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Cleaning Business Growth Myths
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Episode 911 – Cleaning Business Growth Myths

Today on the podcast, we have Tracey Thompson, our fantastic mindset coach chatting with one of our wonderful members Christina Akins. Christina has been with us for over and year and has seen so much growth and change during that time. She owns Five-Star Concierge Cleaning in Canton Georgia. When she started with us, she was still cleaning and, though she was making money, was ready to get out of cleaning and create systems and processes that would take her to the next level. Listen in as she and Tracey talk about what that journey looked like and how you can learn from her process.

Working in the business means being involved in the day-to-day operations and tasks. This might include things like managing employees, handling customer service, and executing marketing campaigns. While these tasks are important, they can also be time-consuming and prevent business owners from focusing on the bigger picture.

Working on the business, on the other hand, means focusing on the strategy, vision, and growth of the company. This includes things like identifying target audiences, understanding customer needs, and creating plans for scaling the business. By working on the business, entrepreneurs can make more impactful decisions and drive the growth and success of their company.
One example of the shift from working in the business to working on the business is in the area of marketing. A business owner might initially spend a lot of time creating and executing marketing campaigns. However, as the business grows, they may realize that they need to step back and focus on the bigger picture of their marketing strategy. This might include identifying target audiences, understanding their pain points and needs, and creating a plan to effectively reach and engage with them. By working on the business and focusing on strategy, the business owner can make more impactful marketing decisions and see better results.

One of the biggest myths or misunderstandings that cleaning company owners may have is the belief that “nobody else can do it like me” or “nobody else cares as much as I do”. This belief can limit growth and progress in the business and is often based on a lack of trust in others and a fear of letting go of control. To shift this belief, it’s important to recognize that there are others out there who can do the job well and who share your passion for the business. To build a culture based on this belief, it’s important to clearly define and align with your core values, which are fundamental to who you are as a person. Core values can guide the company and help attract people who share those values.

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