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Episode 941

Cleaning Business Coaching: Building Your 7-Figure Company (Part 1): Episode 941


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Episode 941
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Episode 941 – Cleaning Business Coaching: Building Your 7-Figure Company (Part 1)

If you’re struggling to grow your cleaning company and need guidance, you’re not alone. Many cleaning company owners face similar challenges, but with the right mindset, strategies, and tactics, you can overcome them and achieve success. In this blog post, we will cover some key takeaways from Mike’s insights and tips on taking your 6-figure cleaning company to 7 with cleaning business coaching.

The foundation for success: Mindset and beliefs play a crucial role in building a successful cleaning business. You must cultivate a growth mindset and positive beliefs to grow your cleaning company. This mindset will help you stay motivated, focused, and persistent, even when facing challenges.

Time management is critical: Effective time management is essential for cleaning business owners. The quality of your time is infinitely scalable, which means that you can increase your productivity and profitability by focusing on high-value tasks. You need to differentiate between “on the business” and “in the business” tasks. The former includes activities that generate passive income, such as marketing, sales, and system development, while the latter refers to essential but non-profitable tasks such as cleaning, scheduling, and administrative work.

Profitability is key: To grow your cleaning company, you must focus on profitability. Getting paid in advance is crucial for cash flow management and avoiding late payments. You should also consider raising your prices to increase your profit margins, but be selective in picking your clients. Aim for high-quality clients who value your services and are willing to pay a premium for them.

By focusing on high-value tasks, getting paid in advance, and selecting the right clients, you can increase your profits and grow your cleaning business. Remember, success starts with your mindset and beliefs, so cultivate a positive attitude, and keep pushing forward with the help of cleaning business coaching. With the right guidance, you can take your 6-figure cleaning company to 7 and beyond.

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